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  1. I agree, I'm a bit impatient so that combo sounds good to me ! I just downloaded the trial version of Backyard EOS - its cool that you can control the camera from your laptop although my camera doesn't have wifi so I think I'd have to trail a VERY long USB cable from the camera to inside the house (not keen on using my laptop outside, it cost a lot of money !)
  2. thankyou, I don't mind spending a few quid on some software if it's good (I object to these software monthly subscriptions mind e.g. photoshop ! )
  3. thanks for all the info, much appreciated. more questions ! What image software do you recommend to use for editing astro photos? GIMP ? (I do have an old copy of Photoshop Elements if that's any good?) I'm fairly IT savvy but useless at photography if that influences choice of software) Can chromatic aberration / coma be corrected in the editing phase? not sure I even know what coma is ? ( I used a Canon zoom lens EF 75-300 which I bought a few years ago fairly cheaply, I guess higher quality lenses would have less chromatic aberration?) 2. Some of the red stars
  4. Took a few more pics tonight, seeing wasn't great I don't think, seemed to be a lot of misty clouds about round here. Anyway, I think my polar alignment was a bit off tonight as the stars appear to be a trailing slightly, although the focus appears a little better. I've got loads of questions ! 1. If I'm uploading a picture onto this site should I load the .jpg or the RAW file? 2. Some of the red stars appear a little artificial? is it just me or is there an issue with the photo/camera/setup 3. I noticed the camera lens was misting up a bit, how do you folks keep it c
  5. Hey, I made myself very happy getting the Adventurer to work at all even the Mrs. was impressed with the galaxy and she don't impress easy mind you the dog didn't seem too impressed he was more interested in my packet of wotsits
  6. just found the little hole next to the battery cover for the cable do go through. Never realised that was even there
  7. it was set to 800, do you think 400 would be better for a 3 min exposure?
  8. is this the sort of thing you mean? https://www.amazon.co.uk/ACK-E8-Adapter-Replacement-Coupler-Battery-Single-USB/dp/B07C21NT92/ref=mp_s_a_1_3?dchild=1&keywords=dummy%2Bbattery%2BCanon%2Beos%2B700d&qid=1603445503&sr=8-3&th=1&psc=1 I already have a couple of these https://www.amazon.co.uk/gp/aw/d/B076KS92ZT?psc=1&ref=ppx_pop_mob_b_asin_title which I assume would be OK to power it?
  9. thanks for all the kind words and the tips about the batteries - I shall look into that, I do have 3 batteries, but like you say it's a bit of a pain to keep changing them.
  10. definitely a case of beginner's luck catching Andromeda ! I literally just pointed it vaguely upwards away from the house lights and hoped for the best I expected to see bad star trailing but was pleasantly surprised as the tripod was on soft grass, not the most stable base Also need to take some spare camera batteries out next time as the camera battery ran out really quickly.
  11. cool, I managed to locate M110 in my image thanks to that
  12. definitely still a beginner although I was quite impressed with myself that I got the setup to work on the first attempt ! (mind you I did read the manual about 37 times and watched a couple of youtube videos too! -> thanks to Kamil Pekala) Fingers crossed for clear skies this weekend so I can have another go
  13. that's a very clever tool, will add that to my list of astro bookmarks
  14. thanks, am I right in thinking the tracking looks like it's working ok? there doesn't seem to be any obvious star trailing, although it's difficult to tell because it's so blurred I was a little concerned that I had nudged it out of alignment when attaching the camera and then loosening the clutches to re-direct the camera. I think next time I won't tighten the clutches so much as I struggled to get them undone without moving the whole assembly.
  15. Took my first photo this evening with my new Skywatcher Star Adventurer... finally got round to working out how to polar align it ( it turned out to be not as complicated as I thought it would be - i'd been putting if off for weeks as it looked so complicated in the manual !) I think I messed up the infinity manual focus on my camera (Canon EOS 700D) so it's a bit blurred but I did grab a galaxy in the bottom left (no idea which galaxy it is as I was just pointing the camera at a random spot in the sky to see if the tracking was working). Definitely need to adjust my camera manual s
  16. So, got a Manfrotto 055xprob tripod and ballhead 2nd hand for £100 both in mint condition ? Tried the tripod out with my dslr to take a few moon shots which turned out well. Just need the Star Adventurer package now ? and that one is still for sale in the classifieds... so tempted but that would mean no money for the wife's xmas pressie ??
  17. Thank you all for your helpful ideas and advice. I think I will buy the tripod now and hope santa brings a Skywatcher SA ??
  18. Looks good, does the non-pro version of the 055 hold less kg do you know?
  19. Forgive my numpty questions but do I need a geared tripod for this type of photography? Will the star adventurer connect directly to the x55 or 475 without any additional adapters?
  20. Gosh, they're not cheap! I could go second hand though looks like you can pick one up for around £80
  21. Awesome, thanks for the replies. The astronomy bundle looks good. It will partly be a xmas present so regrettably the one in the classifieds has come a bit too early for me? Any recommendations for a good tripod?. I've got a manfrotto monopod for my bins with small pop out legs but this will not be stable enough (the pop out legs are thin and spindly)
  22. So knowledgeable persons of SGL what in your opinions is a good portable mount (+tripod if required) for use solely with a Canon DSLR. I have a Dob and want to do some 'easy' imaging before i fork out a mortgage on some 'proper' imaging kit. I see the Skywatcher Star Adventurer looks ok. What other bits and bobs would I need with this? Presumably a tripod and a ball joint thingy? I want to be able to chuck it in the car and pop down the road to a nice dark site close by so it needs to be portable and fairly quick to set up. Thanks for your words of wisdom. As always much apprec
  23. WOW ! You should sell them, I'm sure there would be plenty of interest.
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