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  1. Congrats on what sounds like a very fine addition, enjoy!
  2. You are correct, I was referring get to the Lunt Magnesium. The price difference for the APM ED 16x70 is indeed massive if bought in the UK. I'm not sure why ,but there's no way I'd pay it!
  3. Some more food for thought if you do get to try the Lunt and like it I bought my 16x70 from here (also supposedly ex display) but I'd swear it had never been out of the box! A nice £100+ saving on UK price!
  4. This Another to consider and only approx £30 more than the Lunt is the new APM branded ED Apo 10x50. If the 16x70 is anything to go by, it'll be a stunner.....
  5. Thanks again Steve, and now subscribed
  6. Not as yet Steve. Between work commitments and the weather conditions continuing to be far from ideal when I do manage to get a few minutes, I haven't really had any quality time with it. I've a few days off over the coming weekend, so fingers crossed by then the weather will have improved and I'll get back to it.
  7. Yep, never looked through one of those but have read enough to know it's a truly stunning optic, enjoy! Very envious
  8. Very nice example, enjoy!
  9. I took delivery yesterday of the new APM branded magnesium 16x70 ED binocular, and today I had a brief opportunity to compare it with my Lunt 16x70 magnesium. A small modification to my Uni-mount facilitated mounting the binoculars one on top of the other, ideal for fast switching from one to the other. Physical characteristics are all but identical so I'd conclude the only differences are in the optics. This becomes evident when switching from one to the other. The APM is just that bit brighter and more colour neutral. Chromatic aberration is evident in the Lunt under certain scenarios, although that said, it's very well controlled and far from objectionable. In comparison the APM is remarkably colour free. More to follow when the weather cooperates and I get it under the stars.
  10. Nice gear Michael, and a belated Happy Birthday! Enjoy!
  11. finder

    Biggest problem I found with the laser pointer is that it didn't like the cold much. I tried one out on my 20x110 but after a while it refused to work until warmed up in my pocket again! Ditched it in favor of a Rigel Quickfinder.
  12. Hi Paulo I recently purchased an 8x42 Vanguard Endeavor EDll for general purpose/astronomy use and thus far have been very impressed. The fov @ 7.2° is slightly narrower than others at this price/aperture, but it is well corrected. Highly recommended. Pics here.....
  14. Slightly over budget but I'll throw it in the mix anyhoo.....
  15. Both now sold, thanks guys