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  1. The 19 Panoptic is a lovely little eyepiece and sharp as a tack, but I doubt you'd notice much improvement (if any?) in image "quality" over the Meade 20mm. Those 5000 series Meades are no slouch!
  2. Pm sent.
  3. Indeed John, at this focal length I found the ES 30 82° offered some exceptional bang for buck.
  4. Doug I suspect Flo's data is for the older mushroom topped 30mm 82°. Below are a few pics from a couple of years ago showing the measured weight of the 3 big hitters. HTH
  5. Yep, very reliable and helpful.
  6. Thanks for this Steve, very useful info on what's clearly another fine instrument. I
  7. Nice review Steve of what's clearly another fine instrument. I look forward to reading your thoughts on the 25x100.
  8. Nice review Steve, thanks very much
  9. Many thanks Ken
  10. I have for sale a nice mint condition Lunt Magnesium series 16x70. Owned by myself from new and only selling due to upgrade. £320 which includes postage to the Uk and Ireland. Thanks for looking!
  11. Very nice kit, I gotta me one of those heated seat thingies
  12. Nice review Steve, thanks very much for sharing
  13. Congrats on what sounds like a very fine addition, enjoy!
  14. You are correct, I was referring get to the Lunt Magnesium. The price difference for the APM ED 16x70 is indeed massive if bought in the UK. I'm not sure why ,but there's no way I'd pay it!
  15. Some more food for thought if you do get to try the Lunt and like it I bought my 16x70 from here (also supposedly ex display) but I'd swear it had never been out of the box! A nice £100+ saving on UK price!