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Kelling , Tea and a chat thread

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Hi People

Thought I would start a thread to find out where to stop of for a Tea and a chat :)

I understand some people like to do there own thing without disturbance

So If I am welcome as a relative newbe post up your pitch number and I will pop along for a chat

Warning !!! I will be armed with Digestives

Look forward to meeting you ( Not long now )

I am Allen and my pitch is

Blue field T234

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SGL will have a FREE Tea and Coffee supply down on 264 Blue field **.

Bring a cup, have a cuppa and come say Hello!

** I think it's 264, it will be round there somewhere anyway!!

I hope you bring a lot of tea bags :)

Are you selling any SGL merchandise? (Not even sure if any exists?)

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Having only really met experienced veterans (no that there's anything wrong with them!) up till now, it's one of my big goals at Kelling to try and meet/share beer/tea with some other relative newbies!

I especially want to meet some other newbie imagers if there are any out there who will be attending.

I went round and tried to say hello to some imagers at the spring Kelling but they mostly either glared at me or were busy chatting to people they knew... so I felt a bit of an unwelcome outsider.

I'll be on Yellow 163 desperately trying to get my Synguider working probably :-)

Won't have means of making tea but will have beer and biscuits, which I hope is a good alternative :-)

Really looking forward to meeting everyone there.


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Oh yes - forgot!

We shall have Car Stickers (£1.00) and Beanie Hats (£7.49) on sale.

Excuse the ugly male model (!!!), but you can see them here


I might just be interested in one of those hats.

As long as it doesn't make me look like that... Oops, too late! :)

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Change of address!!!


Due to some wonderful luck and a lovely SGL'er who wanted to swap, I'm now on Red 306, not Yellow 163.

Still keen to meet and swap a beer with anyone and everyone!

Anyone with experience of Synguiders or a colimnator I can borrow will be esspecially welcomed :-)


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I'll be on pitch 270 blue field....any new imagers wanting any assistance, please feel free to drop by, I'm always happy to help ;)


I might just take you up on that Rob :p

I will be on blue 226 (though only Fri night / Sat night so no using my pitch as the tea tent on Thurs!) :( Feel free to drop by at laugh and the virgin camper with all the kit and not a clue :)

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You do realise that you will be in bed by 10:30?

It's the law on Red Field :(:);)

What do you need collimating?

I'm picking up a (almost)second hand AT 6" Ritchey-Chrétien astrograph the day before I come to kelling. It's apparently never been used (and er-go never collimated) and has been brought back on a plane from the US.

Having only ever used refractors so far, it's never been something I've needed to check or learn how to correct... so will need to get it sorted fast on Friday if I'm gonna use it over the weekend.

It's f9 but 1.37m fl so I'm planning to use it on small bright galaxies and globulars. If I can get it to work :-)


PS: Cheers Kim... yeah, just realised I'll be just a couple of doors down from you :-) Hoping I'll be in the right place to blag lots of advice on the imaging stuff from everyone!

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