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  1. I have owned a 10" SCT and also a LX90 , done Kelling heath 3 times , Just dont want to buy a old pup of a scope
  2. Hi People How do you date a meade scope , I have noticed some have blue tubes , also seen a white tube model
  3. Thanks for the info I will let everyone at work know the results
  4. 15th at around 01.45 Bright moon , slightly misty conditions A huge ring visible around the moon , The security guard where I work dragged me out to see it Quite spectacular , I have never seen this before in my time on Earth , It lasted for over one hour It looked like a Ferris wheel / London eye , the moon as the central hub and the ring around the outside and it was a perfect ring Anyone know what it was or what causes it to happen , I am baffled and so are the people at work they all looked at me for the answer
  5. Hello from me , How was astro camp ?
  6. The problem ! - The solution ? may sound strange however I sold all my scopes and eyepieces 2 years ago due to lack of use , And could not justify having 5K + worth of equipment sitting around being unused I miss being able to have viewing sessions and going to star party's I have just booked a 12 day stay at Kelling for the 2014 event and now need a scope Hopefully I will book a pitch for SGL 9 as well My problem is what scope to buy ? I have owned a Mead LX 50 and a 8" Mead LX90 along with about 6 teleview eye pieces What I now need to try and find is a universal / best all round scope Does such a scope exists ? I am not into imaging ( at the moment ) just enjoy viewing the moon , planets and Galaxy's I know I should have more than one scope but funds are limited so I am looking for a good all rounder Cheers
  7. Robin I applaud the efforts of yourself and you assistant Its great to see someone with your enthusiasm prepared to share you interest with the locals at the show , well done
  8. I just booked Red 318 for 2014 2014 Extended Astronomy Camp 22 Sep - 3 Oct
  9. A little gift from me to you Hope it helps you Its all in the words :grin: enjoy and be re lighted
  10. Hi Knobby , Not had an issue before , but it was obviously because of the memory loss ( Not me the scope ) the first night , wrong time and not set to BST thoughts it out by hours And at the end of the night it was 12 empty bottles and still not 3 parts to the wind
  11. OK Slapped wrist for me Its on charge now for 14 hours , so hopefully all will be well
  12. I fully charged it for 14 hours , and the last thing I did before leaving home was to unplug the power tank and put it in my van The site I was on has no mails hook-up When not in regular use I normally leave the LED light on for 12 hours then re charge for 14 hours to try and keep it in good charged condition Won’t have this problem at Kelling as they have mains hook up I was surprised it only lasted 8 hours or am I expecting too much
  13. Hello I had a problem while at a Astro event of Friday Spent 3 hours finding nothing Meade 8" LX 90 GPS GO TO Point the scope North ( Done ) Make sure the scope is horizontle ( Done with a small spirit level ) Scope then says " Getting GPS Fix , Done ) Then off it goes to the first alignment star , This is the time my problems start , when looking through the finder scope I can see maybe 50 stars , and when looking through the eyepiece I can see lots as well I go to the one I think is the correct one and press enter , Then the same again for star 2 Then we go to look at a specific star and nothing in the eye piece So start again with the alignment , and again , and again , and again , etc , etc ,etc , Then go to bed and adopt " If all else fails read the instructions " The only thing I could see was to check the date / time / and BST , and yes they were all wrong I seems the Meade scope does not have a battery backup ? I may stand corrected on this , so fitted 8 new batts and re set the date / time / and ST so all should be OK for tonight . or so I thought WRONG , same thing , not finding the 2 star location stars , Untill a friendly chap called Steve ( Who knows a lot about the sky and scope ) came over and he did the star alignment and hey presto all was now good So is it me who is a plum ? Any advice / tips on how to align ( PLEASE ) What size eyepiece do you folk use when doing a star alignment ? Cheers
  14. He people How long would you think a power tank should last ( Hours of use ) when running 2 dew strips and a Meade 8" LX90 scope ? I run it for about 8 hours over 2 night seccions and it now as dead its this model from Maplins http://www.maplin.co...le-power-224871 Any advice / thoughts welcom Need to get it sorted before Kelling
  15. Humm 6 empty bottles now Who left them on my table :grin:
  16. All set up everything to hand Beer . Cake , crisps O and the scope is ready as well Cooling down Dew heater running on scop and eye piece Let the viewing begin Well at about 10 pm when it's dark dark
  17. Arrived at 15.00 the site is filling up and the organiser said they may be tight for camping space Skys are good only a tiny bit of very high wispy cloud 3 bears down , time to get the scope out and cooling down More later
  18. Just about to leave for the event http://www.the-observatory.org/astronomy-festivals I went last year and had a good time Just hope for some clear sky's Will report if my I pad works ok And do some photos when I returm
  19. Hi People As it's getting darker Any viewing evening organised yet ? I can only do Friday and Saturday nights Regards Allen
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