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  1. Hi Peter, you done well to capture this, i was too tired and went to bed. The tail is longer than i thought !!
  2. wow lovely, i also love the colours very well done
  3. Hi I did not do any guiding, the subs were 2 minutes. using a Ioptron CEM 40 mount. used pixinsight comet align routine and photoshop CC, for processing.
  4. Hi all managed to capture comet atlas last night, it was brighter than expected. William Optics Zenithstar 103. Fuji XT3. 10 x 2 minutes at ISO 1600 Used Photoshop CC. to process. I gonna try Pixinsight Comet align later
  5. thank you for your kind comments
  6. Hello I took this image at Calvert trust, Kielder this last weekend. Skies were a bit hazy , but glad to see some stars after weather forecast said cloud cover. The Rosette nebula using a Zenithstar 103, and Fuji XT3 mirrorless camera. fitted with a L Enhance duel narrowband filter. 18 x 2 minutes iso 800 waiting for William options field flattener to come into stock
  7. Comet T2 Panstars heading towards the Double Cluster. Fuji XT3 and William optics 60mm. 12 x 2 minutes, ISO 800
  8. well done Peter, 2nd image is my favourite .
  9. lovely image, I just bought this filter. when I split the channels, obviously Ha is the red. But my green and blue looked the same. Do you know which channel is the Oiii , the green or blue. Thank you Paul
  10. I received my new ioptron cem 40 mount yesterday from First light Optics. Excellent service and advice from them, thank you guys I was lucky to try it out last night , first the ipolar, it worked a treat was polar aligned in less than 5 minutes, and it was a quick alignment as I did not get the crosshair in the middle of the circle. however I was 3.7 arc minutes within the pole. the clouds started to roll in a little, so I fired up PHD2 and tried guiding, the rms values were 0.07 RA and 0.28 DEC. im sure I can improve on that especially if I use guise assistant and get a better polar alignment. first impressions are very good, . more to come later when I have had more chance under the stars.
  11. I surprised you picked up Ou4 with a 12nm Oiii filter. When i imaged it, i could just detect it with a Astrodon 3nm Oiii filter. must have better skies in Austria than the UK Paul J
  12. hi, i have similar with regards to balance in RA, got to move the counter weight quite a bit before anything moves. But i eventually just measured the mid point and placed the weight there. Apart from this, i have had excellent tracking and can guide 30 min subs + no probs with lodestar 2 hope this helps
  13. i imaged this just over a year ago, and man it was faint. I surprised how close in you are if this is taken with a FSQ106, and reducer thought the field would of been much wider. tried to do a plate solve and it would not work, to try get exact position. can you post a single raw file to show how faint it is, the squid looks like it been pasted on top of the nebula, im amazed how bright it is. paul j
  14. hi thanks for you info, make sense now i know the bayer matrix is removed, a good idea, as your results are proving good. paul j thinking of getting the nikon 750 any thoughts
  15. how did you use Ha,Oiii,Sii filters on your dslr, was the nikon modded !! nice images paul j
  16. Very nice image, hope 2016 brings more wonderful images Paul J
  17. Very nice rendering of this target, well done paul j
  18. great shot, love the colours, its very vibrant. well done paul j
  19. hi if my comments appeared highly critical, then I'm sorry, if I hurt anyone's feelings, its was mainly constructive advice, which as a imager myself would welcome any criticism good or bad. that way I can still improve even after all these years of trying. And I have had plenty, that's whats good about this forum and others , is the feedback. So we can learn from others and help each other improve. In my opinion your black sky status is not giving yourself room for improvement. I just posted an image of the pinwheel on this forum from my light polluted location , and have taken on board the comments as constructive. good luck Paul J
  20. just spotted this post, great image and like others here love the colours, very well done Paul j
  21. Hi nice attempt, but I agree with Olly, I also don't like black sky backgrounds , as the sky is never that colour, and think he was just trying to be helpful, I understand what your saying about local light pollution, as I suffer the same, its not easy for us in the UK to get a nice balance. so well done for trying. by the way your stars are not round in parts when you look closer. Paul j
  22. Hi nice shot, I have the same kit, and busy on m45 myself. but need more clear skies. have you tried the range mask tool in PI to protect the bright stars and nebulosity. then invert and apply some noise reduction to background. just a thought paul j
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