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  1. They are impressive for a first attempt, think I'll go cry in a corner
  2. I use a green wich cover to cover my fork mounted celestrron C11 on its tripod, covers down to about 6-8 inches from the ground. HTH colin
  3. Well done mate. I'll pass on the cake but will supply beer at the next starparty colin
  4. Yep it looks like an alien tadpole has taken up residence in my new (second hand) scope. It appears to be a blob of grease with a tail of what appears to be aluminium swarf it also appears that I have a nice collection of smaller bits of swarf also on the back of the corrector plate attached by small amounts of grease. I discovered this last night whilst trying to collimate my scope again, (several very kind people off SGL offered to collimate it at Kelling, Unfortunately I had to leave early so could not take advantage of the kind offers). My scope appeared to have less contrast than normal,
  5. Great Image, don't think you need more aperture, at least not until I catch up with your images. LOL I gave up fighting the dew about 2:30 Colin
  6. Just got on line at kelling my dongle is working hehehehehe We have about 45% cloud at the mo but it is clearing and the wind is very gusty. right off to set up the scopes colin
  7. WooooHoooo just got to pack my scopes in the car then I'm off to kelling. Safe journey all see you there colin
  8. Hi Chris I am off to Asda this morning to get food for kelling so have put jaffa cakes on the list as all help and chatting is welcome. Perhaps TJ could give a demo about collimation in daylight with my scope lol (guess I'll be off TJ's xmas list now ) colin
  9. Mmmmm what sort of bribery do you require to visit my scope colin
  10. Anyone fancy having a go at collimating my SCT colin
  11. Afraid the roadworks are still around Carole, guess I'll try the M11 then. see you there colin
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