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  1. I have for sale this Orion Optics telescope which was once an OTA that was mounted on a EQ mount. Included in the sale is a collimation eyepiece, a 2” 38mm which gives excellent wide field views, Baader Sky surfer red dot finder and a single speed crayford. The AZ mount is made from white formica board that works very well. Some of the parts of the scope have been handmade. The telescope has had a number of owners over the years, this means the scope tube ,has some paint flaking scuffs etc, but obviously this has no impact on performance, the mirrors are in very good condition. This i
  2. Big Thanks for all the info everyone . Great to see all the help. Clear skies Noel
  3. Sounds good keep me informed if you get anything.
  4. Sounds great to watch that. I don't think it would be the same one though because of the time difference. That is only two that I have seen in all the years I've been looking.
  5. Hi, Did anyone see two very bright lights beneath Cassiopeia didn't seem to be moving around 20.13ish one on top of the other? Then a fireball in the northeast around 21.10. at very low speed. Thanks Noel
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