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  1. wow lovely, i also love the colours very well done
  2. Hi I did not do any guiding, the subs were 2 minutes. using a Ioptron CEM 40 mount. used pixinsight comet align routine and photoshop CC, for processing.
  3. Hi all managed to capture comet atlas last night, it was brighter than expected. William Optics Zenithstar 103. Fuji XT3. 10 x 2 minutes at ISO 1600 Used Photoshop CC. to process. I gonna try Pixinsight Comet align later
  4. thank you for your kind comments
  5. Hello I took this image at Calvert trust, Kielder this last weekend. Skies were a bit hazy , but glad to see some stars after weather forecast said cloud cover. The Rosette nebula using a Zenithstar 103, and Fuji XT3 mirrorless camera. fitted with a L Enhance duel narrowband filter. 18 x 2 minutes iso 800 waiting for William options field flattener to come into stock
  6. Comet T2 Panstars heading towards the Double Cluster. Fuji XT3 and William optics 60mm. 12 x 2 minutes, ISO 800
  7. well done Peter, 2nd image is my favourite .
  8. lovely image, I just bought this filter. when I split the channels, obviously Ha is the red. But my green and blue looked the same. Do you know which channel is the Oiii , the green or blue. Thank you Paul
  9. hello Steve, I was using a William optics 61 app with a 6 x 30 finder on the left shoe and a Altair mini guider in the right. here is my telescope set up on my new mount. I t worked very well, Sharpcap for polar alignment. The reason im selling is I over spent getting the new mount which will eventually hold a big telescope. so trying to claw back some funds. its quite a nice setup, perfect for travelling. inspection is welcome without any commitment.
  10. Thank you Peter, for clarifying that for me. I did not know that info , I did not intend to confuse any one, apologies. I just trying to sell my mount at a good price point. I just been on explore scientific user group, and some members are trying to use ascom pad , does this just use ascom or Eqascom its all confusing to me, although members there are reporting connection problems.
  11. To Answer Peters question, I dont know if EQmod will work with this mount. I was just told by explore scientific that it will work with any comparable device thats uses Ascom. so I assumed, so I could be wrong. I know it used to work on a Avalon mount when I had it. I think anyone wanting to use eqmod is more advanced and would prob. go for a more advanced mount that uses a dedicated hand controller The wi fi is fun, can control where the mount goes using my iPad
  12. If eqmod uses ascom it should connect. I have connected the mount using ascom wi fi and used skymap pro , also used PHD2 and Sharpcap You have to connect to ascom using ascom Poth, have this running, then I can connect using the ascom wi fi driver , and control the mount using planetarium software. I assume you could connect too others that use ascom. But not tried it. For the money I think this mount is brill, like a glorified star tracker but with goto. Its very light.
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