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  1. OK Thanks , Blimey 100 pages
  2. I have owned a 10" SCT and also a LX90 , done Kelling heath 3 times , Just dont want to buy a old pup of a scope
  3. Hi People How do you date a meade scope , I have noticed some have blue tubes , also seen a white tube model
  4. Thanks for the info I will let everyone at work know the results
  5. 15th at around 01.45 Bright moon , slightly misty conditions A huge ring visible around the moon , The security guard where I work dragged me out to see it Quite spectacular , I have never seen this before in my time on Earth , It lasted for over one hour It looked like a Ferris wheel / London eye , the moon as the central hub and the ring around the outside and it was a perfect ring Anyone know what it was or what causes it to happen , I am baffled and so are the people at work they all looked at me for the answer
  6. Essex Stargazer


    Hello from me , How was astro camp ?
  7. The problem ! - The solution ? may sound strange however I sold all my scopes and eyepieces 2 years ago due to lack of use , And could not justify having 5K + worth of equipment sitting around being unused I miss being able to have viewing sessions and going to star party's I have just booked a 12 day stay at Kelling for the 2014 event and now need a scope Hopefully I will book a pitch for SGL 9 as well My problem is what scope to buy ? I have owned a Mead LX 50 and a 8" Mead LX90 along with about 6 teleview eye pieces What I now need to try and find is a universal / best all round scope Does such a scope exists ? I am not into imaging ( at the moment ) just enjoy viewing the moon , planets and Galaxy's I know I should have more than one scope but funds are limited so I am looking for a good all rounder Cheers
  8. Robin I applaud the efforts of yourself and you assistant Its great to see someone with your enthusiasm prepared to share you interest with the locals at the show , well done
  9. I just booked Red 318 for 2014 2014 Extended Astronomy Camp 22 Sep - 3 Oct
  10. A little gift from me to you Hope it helps you Its all in the words :grin: enjoy and be re lighted
  11. Hi Knobby , Not had an issue before , but it was obviously because of the memory loss ( Not me the scope ) the first night , wrong time and not set to BST thoughts it out by hours And at the end of the night it was 12 empty bottles and still not 3 parts to the wind
  12. OK Slapped wrist for me Its on charge now for 14 hours , so hopefully all will be well
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