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What colour to anodize my pier mount


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I've just collected my nice new fabricated pier head machined in aluminum.

Now I luv purple and was thinking of having it anodized in purple, but then red always looks cool...but then with all the brightwork (nuts and bolts) should I leave it as it is ??

What do you think ?


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A light colour is most practical so you can see little nuts and bolts and allen keys which you have left sitting on it in the dark.

Don't leave it unanodised otherwise it will end up a scratched mess in a few weeks.. in a few years the weather will get to it and make it pitted and very untidy.

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Purple it is then :)

I'm going to paint the tube matt black once it's all fitted. With regards to the shiny fittings, I guess there is little you can do with the studding and nuts ?

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From a purely aesthetic angle I personally like shiny ali', but maybe that's just me. Point taken above regarding reflectivity though, and with time oxidation will gradually damage the surface.

For colour - I quite like the "Paramount Red", but that would be copying.

Can't think of anything worse than purple !

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I love the bare steel but Biz makes a very valid point.

Anodized matt black for me :icon_eek: I've had all my stuff done a dullish black.

The only thing with black anodizing is it will go a bronze colour over time if its exposed to the sun......at least all the black anodized bits on my Diamondback MTB have :)

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