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  1. I managed to drain the power tank as I left both the scope and the dew zapped on all day.
  2. I have not had my scope out since May due to a back injury. Got it out this morning. Cleaned it up and left it out too cool ready for a good night tonight. Trouble is, when I got it out this morning I ran a power test and then... Left it switched on all day. No power now. Words fail me.
  3. Have you focused each eyepiece separately? The central (main) focuser on binoculars is generaly used to get itright for one eye and then the eyepiece focuser on the other side is used to get the balance right.
  4. Doh! My bad- it all comes from thinking about averages. The level of protein and mineral are pretty constant in all healthy individuals but fat and water can vary considerably with age, gender, hydration status and of course level of obesity. Adult women of healthy weight are typically 25-30% fat, whilst men are leaner at 20-25% The range is much wider though and in modern society 40-50% fat is achievable with morbid obesity.
  5. Definitely Orion for me too. When I was just a nipper I was fascinated by it and especially the way the belt stars point to Sirius and the Pleiades.
  6. The said astrologer is certainly not 70% water- possibly 70% fat- in which case the heavenly bodies could impact upon him. The sun could make him melt... In fact very few people would hit 70%- the human body is approx 25% fat, 15% protein, 60% water and 5% minerals.
  7. It's a stupid idea. But then it comes from government, so no surprises there.
  8. When I was at school I was taught that the Earth is flat and lies at the centre of the universe.
  9. The alleged wobble on the SE mount is nowhere near as big a problem as people think. I have had no problems with it.
  10. Good advice above- I have 5 children and it has never held me back. I found that it made the autumn/winter more appealing as it is definitely difficult to deal with a really late night. Early nights are great. As others have said, the children can get involved too. I was dead pround when my 8 year old daughter was the only girl in her Brownie pack who did the Astronomy badge (including some nice astrophotographs) using a little Meade ETX70.
  11. Definitely. I always start doing my align using a 32 or 24mm EP and when I have my alignment stars centred move down to 15mm and then 9mm. It takes a bit longer to do it, but the final alignment is a lot more accurate doing it this way.
  12. Just take a pot of salt out with you when you are observing. Sprinkle liberally around your viewing area. The slugs will explode.
  13. They will be an easy spot- can get them with my binoculars.
  14. That will explain why my shopkeeper dad was so enthusiastic!
  15. I was of the generation that learned both at school and is therefore among the last to have any inkling of what Imperial units mean. My children work only in metric and have no idea what an inch is, or how many pounds are in a stone. Their only lapse is that they work in miles rather than kilometres. Money switched over when I was a mere 4 or 5. My dad owned a shop then (a proper Open All Hours shop with him as Arkwright) and so the changeover is etched in my mind, along with the little rhymes we were given to remember the conversions ("Sixpence is two-and-a-half-new pence"). The money really did need changing though. Who on earth thought of a system that was as cubersome as pounds, shillings and pence!
  16. Welcome aboard. This forum is full of knowledgeable and friendly people- all questions get promptly answered.
  17. Welcome aboard Tom. Just experiment with your Barlow- take a look at Saturn with 25 plus Barlow and with 10 plus Barlow and see how it looks.Because of the distance involved Saturn never looks big in a scope- you just need to optimise size against sharpness. See if you can spot any of its moons. Jupiter will be much more impressive.
  18. It's just the wow for me. I look into a dark sky and just lose myself in the wonder of it all and the size of it all. I am not in any way religious and for me those clear nights full of stars and fuzzies are the closest Iget to something spiritual.
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