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  1. I used Wickes vapour barrier as well. I also have a cheap Aldi dehumidifier running in the corner of my obs. Wayne
  2. Hi, Just got myself a cheap 1000D body to attempt the DIY astro mod..... After reading several posts and Gary Honis's web page, I just want to check something regarding filter removal / replacement... I plan to use the 1000D for astro imaging ONLY ( No daytime imaging / lens imaging). Imaging with a 200P reflector, so no problems with bloated stars. So my question is: Can I just remove the IR cut filter and not replace it with anything? I see that some people replace the removed filter with clear glass or a Baader filter. Wayne
  3. I use a Skywatcher CC with my 200P & a Canon 1100D with no issues. You get all the adaptors included in the box to allow you to achieve focus for visual & imaging. You just need to purchase the DSLR M48 ring adapter Wayne
  4. I did it to mine Gina........ http://stargazerslounge.com/topic/136048-200pst80-flocking-mods/page__p__1358018#entry1358018 Living in Birmingham with a lot of light pollution.I found that after flocking my ST80, I was able to see a lot more stars to get PHD to lock on to. But where you are situated, I doubt you really need to.......... Wayne
  5. Great job I did mine a while back.But I only use mine for guiding.I did not flock the focuser tube, but instead painted it with matt black blackboard paint. I also painted the inside of the focuser housing to stop any reflections and upgraded all the bolts to black allen heads to get rid of the shiny supplied ones. Wayne
  6. Also, do you have the Ascom driver installed? So EQMOD can talk to the mount. http://ascom-standards.org/index.htm Wayne
  7. 25 days cloud free!! Not in the UK!! Wayne
  8. Thought I would take a different approach to my White light solar images. Images taken from the 24th May to 30th May. I was hoping for more, but today's weather and the next few days has scuppered that idea.... 7 PNG images converted to GIF and put into animation. (Click on image to watch) Wayne
  9. Here is a temperature comparison of outside to warm room from 11.00 am yesterday to 10.30 am today..... Wayne
  10. Have you seen the 2" Skywatcher Focuser adaptor that Bernard sells at Modern Astronomy?? Worked for me!! Here is the link: http://www.modernastronomy.com/accessories.html (Just after the Finder/guider adaptor) You unscrew the SW adaptor from the draw tube and screw this straight on on, which gives you extra inwards focus. Wayne
  11. 200P/AstroZap 8" filter,Canon 1100D 80 images with BackyardEOS (ISO 100 1/3200sec) Best 56 images stacked in RegiStax 5.1 Processed in CS4 Wayne
  12. Today Outside temp : 27.3 Obs Temp : 27.6 Warm Room temp : 31.2 Gotta love insulation!! Great in the winter,not so much in the summer... Wayne
  13. Thanks Roger... Last time I copy you (I do love the way you do it) The Frame & Focus in BackyardEOS is fantastic for getting perfect focus. Wayne
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