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  1. I was surrounded by really nice neighbours bar one and to be honest it wouldn't matter if I was mother Theresa to her. She had it in for me ever since I blew out her fence panel with the prop blast from a paramotor . I didnt know that I had done it but my daughter looking aghast and then falling around laughing and pointing behind me was a bit of a clue.
  2. Does anyone have experience of the above? I'm seriously considering another camera and truthfully I would prefer to stay with Atik but its not set in concrete. I'm open to other suggestions but it does cross my mind that the Megrez 90 might not be able to make full use of its imaging area. Any input will be gratefully received.
  3. Sorted, no more crashes.
  4. paraman

    Fs60 cb and accessories

    I'm at work at the moment, when I get home I will upload some. Payment I'm fairly flexible over, paypal, bankers draft or cash.
  5. Fs60cb and visual adaptersTube holder,Camera angle adjuster,Flattener,Canon wide Premier T ring,Sd ring.Takahashi are one of Japans premium telescope makers and everything about them oozes quality.This is a 60mm scope that punches well over its weight, the objective lens is genuine flourite crystal, which has to be made in a laboratory to ensure its perfect so there are very few scopes that have it as its very difficult to produce. As a grab and go its stunning with tiny pinpoint stars and it works very well as a narrow band imaging scope.With my Canon 500d its field of view can take in the horsehead and orion nebulas in a single shot, thats over 3 x 2 degrees.This little lot cost me £1140 from Greenwitch in July 2012 and is in pristine condition.£750 or very near offer.
  6. The tak is better by quite a margin, but it will bloat the blue in rgb, in narrow band its very good.
  7. After thinking long and hard I think that an investment in my two favourite girls, Stella and Becks, never had a cloud problem with either. :-)
  8. And those lawnmover things could easily chop off a toe, for your own safety and increased leisure time rip up the lawn and install astroturf, stays green year round and never needs mowing........result I say.
  9. paraman

    what else will i need please

    The evaluation version which i believe is fully featured is free but in reality the author has invested time and money into developing it so I would say that in fairness try it but then buy the licence for it.
  10. Must have been the company that you used to keep.
  11. I have 2 guiding principles, never trust some one your dog doesn't like and dont fix what isnt broken.
  12. Each to their own, if I had my way the Moon would be flocked over. :-)
  13. paraman

    galaxy and nebula colours

    Just to add to this, our eyes cones are the source of colour vision but at night we revert to rods as this is primarily dark adapted and is much more acutely tuned to respond to movement. There are proportionately far more rods on the periphery hence why averted vision is often successful when viewing dim objects.

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