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  1. I went for a little hike up a hill at 2am to get this picture, it really is an impressive sight and I highly recommend you set the alarm clocks and check it out
  2. Approximately 4 hours of kept subs, plus about 2 hours of darks
  3. A surprise few clear nights was used with my OSC Atik314L, only 5 minute exposures but managed to get some detail
  4. We seemed to have a really short spell this time around, those nights that were clear were plagued with issues for me too, I probably lost half my time to fixing problems! Happy to get some images in narrowband finally though through the 19/20 season, just another 4 months and we can start again!
  5. I expect this to be the last one for a few months as the days are getting longer, Ha/OIII/SII using an Atik 314L
  6. Still playing with it ...
  7. I'm afraid it's the only one I have!
  8. Thank you both, my first go at this and it's a nice target although I didn't get too much benefit with the Ha like I have seen on others
  9. Only 2 nights but managed 6 hours of RGB and 3 hours of Ha
  10. Last night I finished an HaRGB image of the crab nebula using Atik 314L OSC/Mono combination. Bad seeing but definitely the best I managed
  11. I did the backlash a week or so ago, there was no noticeable movement but I slackened off the hex keys, felt movement then nipped up per the astrobaby guide and it seemed to go completely. Testin N/S swings using EQMod showed no real latency I'll have a look at the counterweight bearing next but I seem to be achieving good enough results to keep going as is for now, maybe I'll do the belt drive in summer when no pictures can be taken!
  12. Looks like I just about have enough data to form an image so I ran the guide assistant, not happy about DEC:
  13. Just got back after leaving it for an hour and a half to find the guide camera had immediately failed in PHD2, I've seen this happen a number of times since moving to the ZWO 120mm mini, just got things back up and running and it's now at 0.8" so I'll try and run like that for a while, if it breaks again I'll run the guide assistant though. I'm running out of time as I'm imaging the cone and it's already past the best time to do it so I'm capturing O3 with the moon up (I know you're not supposed to) just so I can get a final image this year
  14. Well tonight I have very similar results to a few nights ago, 1" of RMS and no real idea why! I guess it's just down to seeing as nothing else is changing but I really thought it was going to do better tonight
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