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  1. JSeaman

    QHY8L Dark Bands

    I changed over the USB cable, not sure I can do much on the supply voltage though. Busy with observatory today but will try again soon
  2. JSeaman

    QHY8L Dark Bands

    I'm going to check out the comms cables but I think they're well seated, this is looking like a camera issue
  3. JSeaman

    QHY8L Dark Bands

    I also have issues with my 50xbias frames, most are like the first 'normal' picture and there are other banding effects:
  4. JSeaman

    QHY8L Dark Bands

    QHy8 Dark Bands I decided to generate a new dark library last night and found some strange effects on a few pictures. I took 28x10 minute pictures and most look like 'normal.png' attached I do, however have some banding appearing on 3 images as shown in the other attached files, any thoughts or suggestions? James
  5. Perfect, many thanks indeed - I was just reading around this area!
  6. For years I haven't had a night I enjoyed so much as last night without actually achieving anything in terms of imaging. The first easy task was getting my NEQ6 5A supply up and running and said goodbye to the flickering power light. Then came the fun stuff, I removed my ST4 cable from the QHY5 to the mount and had my first go at using EQMod. Although the interface is a little crude, the functionality is good. I used Cartes Du Ciel for the first time and slewed to my target almost perfectly. I managed to get PHD guiding through EQMod too and rebuilt my moonlite focuser with new bearings so that's running once again. To finish the evening I also cut out a steel base which will be used to automate the observatory I collect this weekend, a very successful night. The only downside was that I had black blobs on the image from the QHY8L so I guess I'm cleaning lenses again this evening! One question while I'm here, does anyone know the EQMod parameter that affects the alignment steps in PHD2 as it was much slower to set up than I'm used to? Thanks James
  7. JSeaman

    Mains Power

    I've tried a few different set ups and I can assure you that laptops don't stay dry! I've had them sopping wet with dew on and power saving makes no difference. And fwiw the thermal shock is a terrible idea imho! I have settled on an Ethernet cable to a USB hub outside and it is absolutely brilliant, all the PC stuff is inside and I've never had a single issue with it (more than can be said for running long USB cables out there)
  8. JSeaman

    RA Runaway in PHD2

    Thankfully they're all good, it's covered so not exposed to the elements too much It seems 12V 2A is the recommendation for the mount so that shouldn't be the cause but will have a go at ruling it out
  9. JSeaman

    RA Runaway in PHD2

    It's a 12V 2A, never been a problem but I'll switch it out anyway and see what happens
  10. JSeaman

    Rotating a Dome

    Thanks, I think option 2 is looking like the one!
  11. JSeaman

    RA Runaway in PHD2

    Thanks, it's a mains +12V 2 or 3 Amp supply but I ordered a new 5A one this morning just in case
  12. Hi all I'm shortly going to be getting my first dome set up and would very much like to make it move. I'm wanting the simplest solution I can and so far I've got two ideas but would like some other views: 1. A simple pulley with a bucket acting as a weight to pull as it fills with water. Purely mechanical solution, no speed control at all though (see the crude drawing) 2. Have a metal strip down the orifice the scope sticks out of and put a proximity switch on the scope (on an arm) and connect it to a relay which will then fire a wiper motor on a toothed belt when the scope gets near it. Bidirectional, automated, works on the scope's speed control I don't greatly want to make a PCB and ASCOM controlled set up unless I have to. Any other thoughts/suggestions? James
  13. JSeaman

    RA Runaway in PHD2

    The mount doesn't stop, indeed I could still move it around in RA and DEC but it didn't stop the movement. It isn't a sidereal speed when it loses the star, it's a x2 speed slew on the mount speed The symptom is the same as holding down the RA button on the Synscan
  14. JSeaman

    RA Runaway in PHD2

    LOADS! I've got dew heaters, focuser, USB / Ethernet box, QHY8L cooler etc. I can what a DVM on and check if it's dropping, not sure when the next clear night is but worth a try!
  15. JSeaman

    RA Runaway in PHD2

    No sound of binding when it occurs and the motor doesn't stop, it just carries on going regardless of what I do. I have seen the power light flicker a few times though. I'm calling it a night, managed an M42 and learnt a little more. I think EQMod is the way to go but looks like a new motherboard again although I'll check the wiring on the remote off chance it looks dodgy. Note this has been working for >1 year with the board change so I'm not expecting it to be anything other than a failed component at this stage.

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