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  1. That's much more like what I was after using Ha as a luinance mask, thank you again!
  2. Well we have differing views about black point, I know it's widely popular to avoid dark backgrounds but I like it so that bit stays Don4l - thanks that's useful to know, I am just starting out in nb so finding my feet. The focus was set with a Bahtinov and I can indeed measure FWHM, although I've never used the numbers, what does that give over the mask? PA is something I worked on last time and I considered flexure too and have tied the guide scope down harder I might well play with the Ha short stack you mentioned and see how I get on - thanks for your thoughts
  3. The O3 was without moon, the Ha and SII were with The results I'm chasing are the clarity of detail, nothing to do with the black point, that's the very last thing I tweak There is indeed drift and I have been working on PA - see other thread for the drift alignment I did the next time I went out!
  4. 1. Yes I have a lot of time for people like Olly but if something is subjective then that's down to personal opinion 2. Yes and this was focused with a bahtinov mask 3. The moon wasn't the issue as this was nb, there was no rushing only frustration! The whole galaxy/narrowband was the problem, I didn't realise this was a no go area Thanks for your feedback though
  5. Ha that's a good idea given the current climate but it's in cement for a couple of square metres
  6. I think the scope balance is good I do indeed dither and you're right, it guides just fine after the initial period I was thinking about ditching PHD and drift aligning manually, thanks for that. The confusing bit is that the guiding seems OK (not brilliant but good enough) after the initial calamity
  7. Hi Michael, I was waiting about 5 minutes each time I was only aiming for <5 but ended up pulling it in really well After a bit more time playing with this last nightI found that I was regularly getting very poor performance in DEC for a few minutes and then guiding resumed as normal. This meant the guide assistant was seeing the bad start and producing some very scary numbers. Example graph attached, note the first big hump in DEC My guess is that there is a DEC backlash issue or something I don't understand going on
  8. A few nights ago I went out and spent about 3 hours just trying to sort polar alignment, I used drift alignment and recorded my steps, the abridged version is: Slewed to bet cnc which gave me a -3 meridian offset and +9 declination I adjusted and pulled the error to -.25 Next, I went for omi tau which gave -82 and +9 I brought this it to <1' I grabbed a quick screenshot of the error and it was showing -0.64' (attached). I thought I had cracked it. Tonight I went out and it seemed all over the place so I ran the guide assistance, it now says I'm somewhere between 15 and 19 arc minutes out on polar alignment, see second screenshot attached Everything is tight, this is in an observatory on a pier and it hasn't been bumped. Can anyone begin to hypothesise what on earth is going on for me?!
  9. Removed the focal reducer, needed the lakeside focuser fully extended and an extension tube to focus but still blobby stars
  10. Just combined it with some old data from a QHY8L, thanks
  11. Scope is an ED80, 600 second (10 minute exposures), between 4 and 9 hours on each filter Reasons for narrowband are that is all the filters I have, light polluted area, all shot under a full moon You may be right though about LRGB, not something I have done before
  12. Thanks, it seems you have the same star bloat I have
  13. I'll try and read that as though you're trying to help If you look at the title you'll see there is one ha one o3 and one S2 By at random I mean from the set that made the cut
  14. The black point is just a matter of taste, I prefer it dark (even in your example). I just mask off anything faint if I want to protect it I'm struggling with blobs for stars which I've seen a few people mention on the atik 314l so may just be a feature of the camera? I was hoping for more definition on the spiral arms than I managed, a sub from each filter attached chosen at random, I have no issue throwing subs away if it helps M51-1_010-1.fit M51O3_010.fit M51_SII_010.fit
  15. I bought it for use with a 70D coincidentally, now I have moved ot the Atik I considered removing it actually. My stars are quite blobby everywhere in the image but no worse in the corners so guess I'm OK Thank you all
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