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  1. Mine was simply curves and levels in photoshop then a dash of shadows/highlights to tweak. You can also play with vibrance/saturation to boost colours.
  2. It downloaded but I couldn't open the RAR file, got 7zip on it and worked, try this one ...
  3. I'm afriad I can't do too much as I grabbed your RAR file but it wouldn't open. Just using the above image I dropped it down a notch in brightness so there was a core and removed a bit of the green but this is crude ...
  4. Thanks I'll see if I can find a copy!
  5. Last night I managed to complete my third narrowband image. Still very much learning, I haven't mastered the post processing particularly well yet and I could have done with more data but I am happy nonetheless 31x10 minute Ha, 7x10 minute 20x10 minute O3
  6. Yes I never had star bloat with my SLRs (1000d/70d/5d) or my QHY8 but the Atik seems to show it for some reason
  7. Thanks for responding!! Yes the other ED80 could be used and I was thining about a dual set up as I have a colour 314L also but I would need another focusser and also a bigger hole in the observatory roof! I'll have a look at the ASI1600, thank you Re focus, every single time it has bee with a Bahtinov mask and the focus is 'perfect' but I still see star bloat, I believe it is a feature of the camera. So far I've only been at 10 minutes and that has been OK but I'm sure I can push a lot further
  8. I've just started entering the world of narrowband and it has been such a step change from the years of work with OSC cameras I'm wondering what is the next step forward to take. I'm interested in imaging DSOs rather than visual Telescope - ED80, I'm very happy with it and have a spare sat around for bits if needed. This is the only scope I've used in anger so have no real reference point for how much better others are. From forum posts it seems this is till well accepted as a good scope, should I leave this well alone? How much better are the other options? My only restriction is that the new camera means I have a smaller fov than I'd like even with a 0.85 reducer, mosaics are just too painful with all the filters to consider as well Mount - I've got an NEQ6 and I'm very happy with it, 10 minute+ subs is fine for me so I think I'll leave this as is Imaging camera - Atik 314L, just finding my feet with it and love it but have quite a lot of star bloat which I believe may be a feature of the camera, any experience of this? How does it compare to other options James
  9. No bolts, post was sunk into postcrete, set in seconds and absolutely solid. I would definitely do that again too and it was one of my first goes at using it, cheap and easy and very effective
  10. Mine was £120 with all materials. The metal was about £30 and is readily available. You don't have to be able to weld but it does help Mine is half filled with cement and doesn't ring at all, I'd definitely do it again that way
  11. I built my own a few years ago (see attached), £120 solid as a rock and is now under my observatory doing it's thing Pier.pdf
  12. I'm sure I'll get more tomorrow but looks good enough for now
  13. Yes that's precisely how it works, the joystick is the same one you get in the starter kit (KY-023) eBay example 113839500270 I came to the same conclusion as you about slaving the dome but I'm almost at the point where I think I won't bother now
  14. Finished with 30x10 minutes on M27 Ha, just a quick stack before calling it a night, then need another 2 clear nights to get SII and O3 but the forecast doesn't look good for the next few days
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