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  1. Thank you all very much guys! Special thanks to vlaiv for this good example that made me clearly understand the difference between this two approaches. I am going to buy 8" dob and the book vlaiv recommend me and probably gonna wait for a while with the AP telescope and mount Maybe I will go after Bresser 8"dob instead Skywatcher. I can not find SW in stock, but Bresser is in stock in my country for a good price... If I want to buy SW I have to wait maybe a month and after the import taxes, the price will be the same as Bresser, which I can get now. Both have amazing reviews +
  2. @vlaiv WOW, thanks a lot! This was very informative and helpful! The truth is that I've been told (from a person that has exactly this 8" newt - observe, but mostly do AP with it, and I like the photos) that he setup everything and do the collimation - all in around 10 min.... That is why I moved so quickly from 127 refractor, to 152 refractor, to 8" reflector. And I guess the same time consuming setup goes with 152 refractor as well, it is also a big tube... or mak, or rc...? If it takes sooo much time just to setup, then - hell no. Now I think the best for me is to take this 8
  3. Is this a must from the very beginning? Considering that first I have to learn how to use the telescope and how to do AP + can you recommend me good guide scope and camera that will fit the budget?
  4. Yeah, it's heavy, I see that... That is why at first I was looking for big refractor, at least to avoid the collimation part, knowing that have to deal with big tubes either way. But the two telescopes setup has to be assembled in parts too. Only the dobson is 26kg and has to be assembled in two parts and the AP scope as well - mount + scope. So it looks kind of equal. I guess I just can not understand the pros of the two scopes approach? I think that the SW 200pds is better, because I will be able to photograph planets + DSO objects. It comes with good mount and after a while, If I want mo
  5. Thank you all , really appreciate your opinion! Going to my astronomical local club would be the best, but I am lucky to live under really cool dark skies far from the city and the places these guys hanging out, so my local club is not so local... not that it is so far away and impossible to go there, I am just not sure when it would be possible in the near future. I absolutely understand that a lot of reading is needed and that if I go with one scope there will be some sacrifices and I am OK with this. As I said - I don't aim professional quality photographs. I just want to observ
  6. Hello guys I am an absolute amateur buying his first telescope... and I am desperate, please help. My budget is around 1300 euro (1600$). I am interested mostly in DSO... astrophotography, but observing as well. So refractors are better for astrophotography, crisp clear views, plus they are low maintenance... but refractors with big aperture are too expensive, apo refractors even more... and I think that I want big aperture, because I am interested in observing as well, not only astrophotography. Sooo more light, more details, more magnification. Please correct me, if I am mistaken. A
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