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  1. Beautiful, just beautiful. Kudos.
  2. Kropster + gajjer, Isn't Jolene Creighton the same freelance journo who thinks that Yellowstone will never, ever go pop?
  3. Referring to the original post, it was put up solely because of the possibility. Not stating that a warp drive had been proven. But the byproduct being that laser energy had been seen to be moving at speeds faster than light, does open up new questions, and conversely, new possibilities. If this indeed has happened, and can be repeatedly proven independently, then we really will be on the verge of interesting times i feel. Heres hoping!
  4. NASA "may", MAY!, be on the cusp of possible Warp propulsion. http://www.escapistmagazine.com/news/view/140606-NASA-May-Have-Accidentally-Stumbled-Across-Warp-Fields According to posts on NASASpaceFlight.com, someone at NASA wondered where the thrust came from and used a tool to measure variances in light's path-time. What this tool recorded is that when lasers are fired through the EmDrive's resonance chamber, some of the beams start moving faster than the speed of light. If everything checks out - and on the surface the math does - it means the EmDrive is producing some kind of warp field.
  5. 32 particularly, 35, 57 is a wonderful capture, 92 is spellbinding, and rounding off nicely with 98!
  6. ....The sort of sky you could lose yourself in for an eternity........i can but dream....
  7. Hiya, yep - wrong section but ill answer anyway. Saw it too, i believe this is what you were looking at:- 22° halo - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Search through the other listings for other phenomena you may/ will observe! Category:Atmospheric optical phenomena - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Gary.
  8. Planet Saturn Keyring Apollo Astronomy Astrology Space on eBay (end time 31-Oct-10 17:32:36 GMT) Quite sweet looking really!
  9. Hi chap. As for running it off of a car - i dont know - i use electric from home. Just run an extension lead out to where i observe, plug in the adaptor an away i go! Regards the dew, condensation and electricity etc - i ALWAYS fit an RCD in the house socket(indoors), then run the extension from that. If (god forbid!) anything nasty is going to happen, then the RCD should trip out before any harm befalls me or anyone else. It works flawlessly, even under high moisture that i seem to keep getting in the run up to midnight!
  10. Yep, low battery! I got quite sick of it always happening when you dont have 8 spare batteries, so i bought this -12v DC 60w 5a amp power supply with UK power cord [12v-5a] - £14.99 : Power Adapters, UK Mains Adapters, Power supplies UK No more power loss!!
  11. Hi Steve, its supposed (!) to be quite clear around here tomorrow night (10/10/10!), im going to drag my scope out and see what i can achieve! (no-where near to your efforts though!!). Excellent image.
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