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  1. Anyway thank you for the advice. It has been an interesting discussion. I am certainly more aware of the issues around using the laser.
  2. It would have been really helpful if someone had mentioned the 1w UK limit earlier in this thread. However I've tried it out, and it 'seems' to do what I require (point and find Polaris for my Omegon Minitrack). I suppose I must be careful, limit its use and be prepared for a possible knock on the door!
  3. Settled on the Princeton Tec Fred Headlamp! Thanks for all the comment and advice.
  4. Well it has arrived. my Laser 303 300mW Professional Green Laser Pointer. Tidy little device. I particularly like the lock and key for safety.
  5. I took a look at the moon as well at the weekend, during a brief break in the clouds. Tried out my Watson Binoviewers with the 20mm eyepieces. on my Nextar GPS 9.25". It really was spectacular when I finally got them set up!
  6. Paul, I thought about brakes but decided not to bother. It is easily managed and I remove the skates to observe. Just carefully lift one leg at a time does the job.
  7. I've got some ant-vibration pads, but the decking is very substantial so as long as I move about gently I cope. However excited children and company is another matter.
  8. Next job is the train the Welsh Terrier in picture 1 to tow the kit out and in. By the way I put it out this morning to take the photos and decided to leave it there the take a look at the moon this evening. Within a couple of hours the clouds swept in the the rain is falling!
  9. When I unexpectedly became the possessor of a Celestron NexStar GPS 9.25", I realised I had a mobility problem as my last scope could be carried under one arm and fit easily in the boot of the car!. I wont mention my age but moving and assembling and dis-assembling it is a real physical struggle! So here is my solution for getting it out onto the decking from our sun lounge.
  10. Certainly I'm aware it is a dangerous device, and the safety of the children would be paramount.
  11. Grandchildren are going to spend some time with us in a few month's time. They are city children but are now getting old enough to start finding their way around the night sky. I want to spend some time with them out in the garden showing them around the night sky. We live in rural West Wales and not under the flight path of any international airport, and I was thinking of getting a laser pointer to help me gently introduce them to some of the naked eye sights. What do I need to know about using a laser pointer, and can anyone recommend to me something usable and reasonably priced?
  12. Well thanks folks. Some "illuminating" comments and advice, which is appreciated. Headlight ordered!
  13. Hi All, I'm looking for suggestions for buying a head light. There seem so many types and prices. What should I look out for?
  14. OK so no instructions. Fair enough, at least I'm not missing anything important. thank for the Maxbright notes Star Struck!
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