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  1. How close to Jupiter and Saturn get visually, less that a full moon diameter?
  2. A good 32mm Plossl is an essential piece of kit
  3. Lots of times, once you have your finder aligned it's far easier just to grab point and go.
  4. Have you confirmed the cable is working. the usb ports work? is the hub powered? Although they should do not all USB ports behave equally.
  5. The 6SE will be an easier scope to get used to, its primary strengths are Luna and Planetary The Orion Starseeker IV 150 GoTo will be a steeper learning curve as you need to understand collimation to get the best out it. but is more versatile as a scope overall. A Dobsonian (with the collimation learning) might be the better route. and you will get much more aperture for your money (goto is overrated imo)
  6. Those look very much like QHY filters
  7. Unless it is the same temperature as the ambient your always going to need cooldown, make sure whatever you do it has good ventilation you dont what it to be a dramp trap.
  8. Id drop FLO a message for ZWO vs Baader comparison
  9. I tried many options and the best was a local PC to the scope controlled via lan with TeamViewer uSB can be a pain
  10. looks Awesome Peter so busy need to mosaic is much bigger to the belt !!
  11. I was thinking two cameras both fixed. Wifi Range will be about 20 feet but in theory more if it works well as id like it to be mobile. I could prototype with webcams
  12. Im tinkering with the idea of a small setup that needs to be. Solar Powered, Battery backup. WiFi Night and day camera Some sort of computer to control it. Day time might be point at my local lake rather than the sky. Any thoughts?
  13. no simple answer as both concepts work tbh,
  14. I have had both and the EQ6 is much bigger. The Tripod on the EQ6 is also larger diameter legs and heavier.
  15. It can be improved a fair bit by a bit of tweaking, it is the weakest link on the scope but with a bit of work can be ok.
  16. from wiki Definition of a moon Size comparison of Earth and the Moon There is no established lower limit on what is considered a "moon". Every natural celestial body with an identified orbit around a planet of the Solar System, some as small as a kilometer across, has been considered a moon, though objects a tenth that size within Saturn's rings, which have not been directly observed, have been called moonlets. Small asteroid moons (natural satellites of asteroids), such as Dactyl, have also been called moonlets.[12] The upper limit is also vague. Two orbiting bodies are sometimes described as a double body rather than primary and satellite. Asteroids such as 90 Antiope are considered double asteroids, but they have not forced a clear definition of what constitutes a moon. Some authors consider the Pluto–Charon system to be a double (dwarf) planet. The most common[citation needed] dividing line on what is considered a moon rests upon whether the barycentre is below the surface of the larger body, though this is somewhat arbitrary, because it depends on distance as well as relative mass.
  17. I had one of these https://www.firstlightoptics.com/batteries-powerpacks/skywatcher-powertank-7ah.html did the job well and has other functionality
  18. Out of the two id use that one.
  19. the numbers are only one aspect of the choice, FoV, system F-Ratio and effects on usable chip area, prefered Targets, Budget Related filter choice. quiet a bi to weigh up outside the theoretical numbers.
  20. have you looked at medium format lenses?
  21. focus will shift when you change filter, so getting focus with the filter you are going to use to image with is worth it, and that alone could solve the issue.
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