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  1. It will, The QSI version is better still as the inbuilt filterwheel is closer the the chip reducing the vignette obviously this increases the price. worth also looking at the Moravian one too
  2. always shoot unde ther maximum by a long way, atmosphere plays a huge part in getting a good image then the price of the eyepeice.
  3. If we work out the elements that our solar sytem is made from can we work out what type of star it was that provided the ingredients for it?
  4. very usefull for unatneded use. I use to have one, but an expensive option. Once you find the right values for your system it can be set ino your routines.
  5. Yes, No , Maybe not all leads are equal, work for some and not others. Some devices are ok others not, some ports work ok others dont. its very hit and miss in my experiance.
  6. Solar Activity will have an impact on the ammount of energy it sends our way in all it various forms and this will have effects on Climate quiet likly over very long periods of time, with oddities here and there, Volcanic activty wiill see larger short term impacts.
  7. using a barlow to get effectivly 4.5mm is going to cause problems especially at f5 unless you have top quality eypieces and barlows.
  8. Never had that problem as my ccd had a shutter, the ota had a flipflat which is far from light sealed too.
  9. I prefer metal over plastic overall, yet at times it does add unnesecary faff, like threaded lens caps, however they dont fall out. but if you spend a few k on a scope to get a plastic lens cap you can feel somewhat meh too.
  10. yeah maybe it is maybe it isnt, will there be cake?
  11. the 127 by sky watcher is a better deal and essentially the same telescope, the goto handsets on celestrons do have a slight edge but not much.
  12. the Strenght of the Yen is becoming a big concern for japaneese industry.
  13. Living back in Ledbury.

    1. Coco


      Is that good? :)

    2. Earl


      has its plus points and negatives..... living with my mom so i can get to square 1 again....

  14. I think semantics are important here, as understanding exactly what is ment and its implicatins in a space time rellavatistic way is key, and thats what im struggling with. From the replies so far my perseptic of time in space and its repaltionship is the issue and needs refining perhaps?
  15. in an infinite universe a moment in time occurs everywhere, however as everywhere is infinite is that moment not also infinite?
  16. She is amazing :) thats whats on my mind.

  17. What OS are you using? sory if i missed that point
  18. might need to tweak the threashold over the year
  19. Its my fault i got a scope and down came the rain....

    1. nightfisher


      what did you get?

    2. Earl


      etx 125

  20. I liked the HEQ5 i had and with the correct gear in relation to weight limits they deliver.
  21. if your happy with what it does use the options as shown
  22. im not keen on constants or maths in that fact, its all too human. http://www.livescience.com/29111-speed-of-light-not-constant.html
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