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  1. The Avalon Linear is the highlight of your selection IMO.
  2. Binos i feel are the ideal starting point and after that as experiace and expectations mature the wolrd of scopes for speciific jobs.
  3. good to see this service i can imagine a few "Quads" that would of benefieted from this as they were hit and miss to say the least... in fact if i was in the market for a scope a calibrated TS quad woudl be on the list.
  4. I have a plan... but its not a quick one thats for sure.
  5. cheers ill dable with pipp when i get my camera hooked up
  6. My Cannon outputs .mov mov files, how to i convert these into a format Registrax can work with?
  7. yeah spc framing is ok, yeah not brill, but its never a brill setup with a fork etx125. been pondering about this. http://www.morgancomputers.co.uk/product_detail/15594/EMTEC-Advanced-300K-VOIP-Kit-Webcam-Headset/ might be worth getting a screw driver too it
  8. the days of budget spcs looks gone, best i have found is £30 from Holland, i have a EOS 60D but thats a heavy bastie and a large sensor. Ill have to keep looing for a cheap SPC or livecame
  9. Im looking to dabble wirth a webcam on my etx 125 for a bit of luna imaging and im looking at the budget options rather than getiting a ZSO. Whats hot and whats not these days?
  10. nice to view the moon and jupiter again and share it with someone who appreciates it too !!!

  11. I have purchased a air bit of stuff of them over the years and found them to be reliable, I di dhave a TS scope once, but it did not perform to my expectations,.
  12. nothing yet, just got made redundant yesterday....
  13. mirror movement leads to vibrations especially in magnified conditions, so its best to keep it locked.
  14. Im not sure you can reliably use hand controls to do this as they do not compensate for backlash etc, but it should give you a better rule of thumb for sure.
  15. well im right handed, but eat left handed, and my left eye has better focus than my right, but it has noticeably more nystagmus than my right.
  16. i used 32k with my qsi i think which ws less than advised.
  17. do you think it may be pushing the Merlin? or doable?
  18. somthign rattlign around my head also says the edge hd range have a specific backfocus consideration also?
  19. The William Optics Zenithstar ZS71 ED with reducer is not a bad starter scope for dso imaging, it will have a blue tint as its not the best colour correction but still will give good results, and is light for your heq5 guiding it is the next thing which a finder guider setup should be fine.
  20. I used to look with my Left, one day i hope my eyes work again so i can once more
  21. humm, i know the guidescope can work, but its weight and at long fl with a eq6 it might not give satisfactory results, id really look again at OAG's and maybe save up a bit.
  22. It depends on the strength of the illumination of the flat field been used to illuminate the flat and what works best for your chip, its a bit of trial and error. it will also vary per filter.
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