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  1. both are good mounts but have different strengths, the 10 micron been excellent for unguided work.
  2. I would avoid a manual filterwheel as touching the scope will make it wobble needed time to settle again, and risk focus shift where as an electronic wheel does not do these things.
  3. what thickness is this, as i have found S-Express gear to add to much to the backfocus when all plumbed for the most common +-55/56 mm reducers
  4. dont some single arm mounts do away with the need for couterweights as such?
  5. Im thinking a 102 Mac and webcam on a alt az mount is a lightweight easy to use setup as long as you also have a rough PA?
  6. Loyalty or new opportunities.....



  7. redundancy looming...

    1. Physopto


      Hope not for your sake as I see you have only just moved house. Bad time for it, ever really!


    2. kev


      Oh nuts!  I really hope not, been there, didnt enjoy it one bit.


  8. Moving house this Saturday


  9. i seem to recall there has been on and off speculation for some time on planet X all to do with orbits and that sort of thing.
  10. The great black hole debate beween Susskiind and Hawking was to do with hawking pointing out informtion was lost and Susskind could not go with this. Yet we base our scinece upon things we can measure, yet to counter Hawking we are basing theory on unmeasureable phenomeon as it goes against the standard thoughts. I really strugle with this, and the holographic universe that Susskind bings up , but thats another point.
  11. its target specific as is all imaging, id not want to loose resolution of a certain filter, if it responds well on that target, if its a weak single for that filter then it could be advantageous, try and see.
  12. this one also in black. http://www.amazon.co.uk/ORICO-H4988-U3-Powered-Adapter-Aluminium/dp/B00CBEKK58
  13. when buying a hub its importantr to have one with a real switch for on and off soem come without and you need to turn it on every usage which maybe problematic for certain setups.
  14. Locallly we can lose somthing, it can become out of our reach in all measureable parameters. Universally its still there. Yet we cant measure beyond our locality, its imposible and only theoretical all states are based upon the last know variables and current knoledge. We base our concepts upon observation and measurement. if we cant do these how do we validate our concept? This feels like the falling tree in the wood and noone there to hear it does it make any noise.
  15. It depends on the grunt it has, i found Atom cpu's underpeform, not all usb's are fully functionable usb ports, one tablet i tried was pretty usless, my dell (cant rcall model put was i5 8gb ram) was fine but i onlly linked to it remote
  16. Do we have a way of measuring that across differeing areas of trhe galaxy ie, horse head vs pillars of creation?
  17. As Space is clearly not a consistent vacum, as we can easily observe nebula etc and there are many none visual clouds and also we have the flux, how does this interfere with the speed a photon travels at as it crosses a galaxy? Also gravitational manipulation on its route?
  18. im not a fan of String Theory, (i have no formal education but) it come accross to me like this. Here is an idea about stuff, if the stuff does this it could do lots of other stuff but if it does not we need to make up some more stuff and see if that stuff works. I do appreciate pushing boundries etc, but i feel its making up things for the sake of making up things rather than actually doing the dirty working out, is it more Art than Science? Maths is nothing but a man made concept, planets dont go orbiting knowing a load of Mathematical rules that have to be followed, its our interpritatrion of what is going on... and it the math dont fit we make some new math.... humm
  19. Polaris is not easy to center as visual RA movement is minimal so close to the pole.
  20. You will see some sucsess with an EQ6 and C11 with DSO's but only in the hands of people that really know how to fine tune the mount and get it best out of it. EQ6 will me fine for luna and planetary. I cant comment on the EQ8 as i have never used one.
  21. I used a Startech one without any issues.
  22. Thing with the 8300 is its made by many manufacturers, it would be nice to see a properly sorted shoot out between them all and the same target, same conditions etc.... this however is probably never going to happen and at best conditions messing it all up as per normal. I went QSI as I wanted it all in one tidy box.
  23. the 8300 ticks many of the right boxes, just deciding the version is the interesting part. The atik is ok, but not the best design but it is cheap, Moravian is worth a look before spending. http://www.gxccd.com/
  24. the 8300 ticks many othe right boxes, just decided the flavour it comes is the interesting part. The atik is ok, but not the best design but it is cheap, Morovian is worth a look before spending.
  25. I usd this approach for a HEQ5 and NEQ6 also, focus on PA ignore everything else, Subs are the judge of good PA for which i used 30 min subs, and with PHD2 also with bad horizons (it makes very little differnce i found) I could not physically adjust the equipment any finer without modification.
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