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  1. the 8300 ticks many of the right boxes, just deciding the version is the interesting part. The atik is ok, but not the best design but it is cheap, Moravian is worth a look before spending. http://www.gxccd.com/
  2. the 8300 ticks many othe right boxes, just decided the flavour it comes is the interesting part. The atik is ok, but not the best design but it is cheap, Morovian is worth a look before spending.
  3. I usd this approach for a HEQ5 and NEQ6 also, focus on PA ignore everything else, Subs are the judge of good PA for which i used 30 min subs, and with PHD2 also with bad horizons (it makes very little differnce i found) I could not physically adjust the equipment any finer without modification.
  4. with my em i just used PHd2 to drift, never once used a model, slewed to my target did a plate solve and the centered on what i wanted, i never bothered looking at any numbers poitn models they serve no use.
  5. id also use plate solves to sync too,
  6. have you guided a sub ignoring sync info?
  7. I have had to give up due to my personal circumstances changing, I do find it somewhat releasing=, like when you tell a boss in a job you hate where to stick it as you walk out the door. I think mu current sitution has just jaded my outlook at present.
  8. would time not of speeded up for them as they moved away from earths gravity, stabailzed in zero g then slowed at the moon and speeded up on the way back once more until back at earth when they would of been normal on landing? what effect does acceleration and deceleration have during these gravitational differnces? Would they, if there was a measurable effect actually be a little foward in time?
  9. Looks great !!!! And shows the relevance or utter lack of it the theory crafting has.
  10. Yes they have technically been around for some time just not implemented, i think SBIG were close but i never saw it come to reality. I think the Panchromatic was the best idea
  11. until osc have real LRGB rather than RGGB chip layout as a standard its going to be a struggle, even then it wont be as good as true LRGB, but a step in the right direction. I have seen some moves in this direction but nothing concrete.
  12. Indeed, or is it one camera and specific scopes for different targets, i think that's a better plan with a touch of theory crafting too.
  13. but you need to double the amount of subs to cover the same area ish... its give and take
  14. oh my tip is defo use a cosmetic correction while calibrating too, works wonders.
  15. have you looked into drizzle integration? Yours arrives... mine goes....such is life.
  16. if you want to do it and never have to look back id fo with a feathertouch with electronic control for sct, fantastic focusers.
  17. You can get good results with OSC though so its not all doom and gloom, it does limit your options though.
  18. ID be more inclined to get a imaging refractor, something like the ED80 with reducer and then get a webcam type camera or maybe a better option for the sct to do luna and planetary imaging, (the full moon is not DSLR friendly). Long Focal length imaging is doable but takes a huge amount of effort without the right mount and camera, which will blow your budget. Unless of course you have your heart set on it, but id do plenty of research before investing into it as out may find it will require a much larger budget with a mount and camera upgrade.
  19. If you use avg you have to create an exception for Canon Utils, its fine after.
  20. even if in a vacume, gravity is not an equal force (especially over the diameter of the earth), it will vary, which will casue movement in the tragerctory, is may settle into a pattern as long as no colssions occure with the side walls. but it wont be a straight up and down.
  21. tue but do you need 1.25" sqyare filters for modern cameras and thiuer ickle baby chips?
  22. 50mm and 65mm square are common filters for the big bad boy sensors, but all this sillyness with 1.25 round really needs to be stopped. Hint... sensors are not ROUND, square filters must be a cheaper alternative once adaopted and wheels to match as they can be smaller and not vignette as they cover the light cone correctly for the sensor.
  23. I have yet to find any company that responds to email in good time every time. bit like ringing phones. But as i fail to do so myslef at times, so be it. I live on the net, if i could bio link i would i have no excuse. LOL
  24. Dome been serviced by a very nice man called Dave next week.

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