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  1. Malc to be honest run the PA routine in PHD2 so you know thats sorted first before worrying about this, you need to be at square one. I also just use plate solving for syncs and centering no point modeling or worring if apps are confused at what they are looking at, a solve and sync tells it exaclty what it is looking at.
  2. WOO HOO !!!! I can paint it grey for you
  3. I think i had a USB serial adapter that was affected, my current gear is fine though, but i have no plans to upgrade the observatory laptop to win 10 until something mission critical insists on it.
  4. it is worth your time and effort getting top know these routines in PI and if like the OP has made the sizeable investment in a QSI 6120 you really need the software to back up that level of investment in hardware. The PI / PS combination is the standard to aim for.
  5. Interesting thought experiment, i foresee an issue of the center of mass been shifted due to the hole and thing you may collide with the side wall and not fall in a straight line. unlike a magnetic field which can hold you in a confined path i dont thing gravity is strong enough to do that.
  6. Im curious as to any implications as it has caught users unaware of the problem.
  7. Thats a right faff when its done in a couple of clicks in PI
  8. All of those steps are essential prior to applying a histogram stretch, Olly processes that sort of thing in PS, to good effect. I personally prefer to use PI as i am more familiar with it.
  9. Teamviewer works for those that remote to a PC at the scope.
  10. I use PI to do all colour calibration, its a simple process which works very well.
  11. the dift align does the job well, my last subs were 30 mins with no problems. I have to redoo it all once my dome is serviced. as during the process im sure it will get knocked.
  12. Use PHD2 drift align routines, the polar scope is not worth the effort. bar getting a roughish pointing in the right place..
  13. Light pollution filters will tint an image however good colour calibration routines will correct this. Alternatively bite the bullet and go Narrowband, there is plenty of Ha targets in the later months of the year.
  14. Processing is fine Mac based as PI and PS are readily available, however ASCOM and controlling gear can be a real nightmare as this is mostly Windows based, ( I know some do but it can be a real struggle and impossible for certain devices unless you can make drivers / applications yourself) overall its cheaper to put a PC on a scope to do its thing than a Mac. After that id say processing it really upto you.
  15. Its about target selection for the gears strong points is all. If your prone to a touch of over sampling which is common for wide filed imaging the PI Drizzle Intergration can help smooth the blocky stars out quiet well ( I Think thats the right way round, or is in undersampling?... dunno LOL)
  16. the SW ED80 and matching reducer is probably the best introductory setup, it has its weak points, but price is not one of them.
  17. Excellent news, having been to your existing premises I know how much you need this
  18. Both have there uses depending on the target.
  19. Some news story been released today which is been hyped up? Any thoughts?
  20. Equal rights for Ceres !!!!, Fist on table!
  21. A dark libary is very easy to make as you get more cloudy nights than clear, just leave it running and its job done.
  22. I would only make that decision after seeing the result of using darks as all cameras are unique. even if the same model. Making the best out of the pre processing options makes everything else after easier. Some people find Darks make things worse for them with there cameras.
  23. make sure your flattening the correct line then double check, catches me out every time LOL
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