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  1. will it be ok for a drop the eyepiece test?
  2. Although the 130pds is cheap and can do the job, I'd go with a small refractor to start with. Its simpler to use but will cost more.
  3. Its sweet spot is where your wallet says enough
  4. this is a good example of DSLr NA : https://astrobackyard.com/north-america-nebula/ lots of data need to make it work
  5. I have owned both and found it down to seeing rather than much else.
  6. Only ever used Canon, im Nikon now what is the deal with lens compatibility ?
  7. Simple answer is yes. Learning to use it is far from simple.
  8. WoW that Roboscope rig has really performed !
  9. Im looking at dabbling with a DSLR but need a tracking mount, but... id also like the option to pop a mak 127 on it for luna. any tips?
  10. looking for war to seeing the results.
  11. Is it my eyes or is there a lot of dark brown nebulosity going on around the corners on this also?
  12. thankfully the far more focus stable version drift on mine was bad over the session.
  13. Yeah i did too and a 106 (both with flatteners) which was better once i replaced the focuser.
  14. THe FSQ-85 is a killer imaging telescope and designed as such, the esprint is a very good telescope but not as good. is it worth the extra money? Debatable, the size of your wallet or how much of it you wish to use makes that decision.
  15. IMO getting an image is just the last part, taming the gear so it behaves as it should is the tough bit, once that is down the imaging part is relatively easy.
  16. Try finding an Nvida 2060 its just as bad let alone the 30xx range
  17. When the lens cell is over tightened and it distorts the image.
  18. Earl

    M31 Luminance.jpg

    From the album: DSO's

  19. Earl


    From the album: DSO's

  20. Earl


    From the album: DSO's

  21. Earl


    From the album: DSO's

  22. Earl

    4 panes processed.jpg

    From the album: DSO's

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