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    9 Hours.jpg

    From the album: DSO's

  2. Earl


    From the album: DSO's

  3. Earl


    From the album: DSO's

  4. Earl


    From the album: DSO's

  5. its a good start , id get the colour balance beter as there is a fair bit of blue in those stars to be had
  6. A shutdown procedure is always worth having on the wall so you dont miss anything, I hope you can get the mount fixed
  7. you will need to unscrew 3 allen bolts to remove it.
  8. iirc you can use it to polar align been a few years mind you
  9. I fancy the 150, i did have a 180 but its a bit heavy for me now.
  10. I think a Evostar 120 might be far heavier than you are anticipating. not particularly portable imo
  11. good rule of thumb with mounts is to check what they are supplied with, then if you want to do astrophotography look one or two models above (ideally the best you can afford)
  12. I suspect once prices have gone up and the situation has reached its normal state (whatever that is) the prices will stay up. not due to the retailer but the supply chain.
  13. If I ever get into Aatrophotography again (tiem permiting as i dont have much spare these days) it will be via a subscribed service, far less faff and cheaper on the pocket. Im Tempted to get a 5D MkIII and 24-70 again as i enjoyed those.
  14. I thought the spacing was 72.2mm or was the the 106?
  15. Top left hand corner looks like odd shaped stars also
  16. id check that everything is threaded totally true and square as a starting point.
  17. anyone use one of these setups, and how does it perform for luna imaging?
  18. You will need to check with French Authorities (id guess most the EU to the UK will be the same but might not be)
  19. from what i understand "Commercial exports to EU from Jan 1st will need a C88 SAD, commercial invoice, a transport document (AWB, CMR, BoL) and as proof of export, a DTi-S8." is only applicable if you are a manufacture, retailers just do the CN22 CN23's https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/notice-143-a-guide-for-international-post-users/notice-143-a-guide-for-international-post-users
  20. I have a backlog of toy soldiers i can finally post YAY
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