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  1. Yes, it’s a good (and cheaper option). The FS-60CB does benefit even more from a fine focuser, as it has a very shallow “snap” focus point and shows some CA if not precisely on that
  2. I would agree that the stock focusers on both mine are very good and I don’t think it’s in any way essential to change them I do like fine focusers though, so have replaced that on my FC-76DCU with the FeatherTouch Pinion, which works well indeed and super smooth. It is relatively expensive though but does retain the Takahashi look. You may consider going all the way to the full FeatherTouch focuser.... once your wallet stops weeping I’ve also added the More Blue fine focuser to my FS-60CB, which also works well, is a little bit stiffer to operate, but still very smooth. The
  3. I’ve found that for a longer session, I like to have the choice, hence the setup in the photo... but this is overkill most of the time
  4. I can attest that the FC-76DCU is superb on doubles. Previously that job was reserved for the StellaMira 80mm f/10, but the Tak does it as well, and importantly, it’s just so lightweight by comparison. I’m now able to move around on the farm and get some observing positions I wouldn’t normally get to, which has been great Plus the FC-76DCU can be upgraded with the 1.7x extender and that would make a superb double/ lunar scope at 970mm f/12.75
  5. FLO shopping cart doesn’t work that way, you can put stuff in their all day long and won’t affect stock levels... Only when you purchase... I’ve done it enough times I’m also not totally convinced there are stock shortages of FC100 and FC76... both these have show as “special order 7-10 days” recently, and there have been people buying both models over the last few weeks/months. However, some others (e.g. FC-100DZ and FS-60CB) show as “out of stock” 30-60 days. So I think those are genuinely just not available from Takahashi, whereas some others models are... pure speculation of co
  6. They do indeed... all tricked out now... FeatherTouch Pinion focuser and a 6x30 right angle finder (don’t worry, the Takahashi finder has moved to the FS-60CB). One handed carry, with a small eyepiece carry case, so can roam around the farm a bit with it
  7. I agree, the consensus does seem to be that 100mm is an ideal aperture for detail vs size, but I’m tending to have two types of sessions these days... shorter ones where I just want simple and the ability to roam around a bit, for this the small Taks are perfect, and the other where I’ll either get the 10” dob or the CC6” for a longer, more detailed looks (especially for the faint stuff)
  8. An ED120 is a lovely scope, lots of aperture and likely won’t gain much going smaller I have found that for grab and go though, the FC-76DCU really does work well, really lightweight but still very capable and has allowed me to roam around on the farm a lot more than I’ve ever done before, to reach parts of the sky just obscured by the roof sometimes
  9. It won’t help if I say that since getting the FC-76DCU, I can’t stop just taking it (or it’s little brother FS-60CB) out almost every night when it’s been clear and have just been enjoying the simplicity and superb views. The moon in particular has been fantastic in both
  10. Thanks, it’s really perfect for my grab and go needs The Meade 40 has a 44 degree FoV, so doesn’t really give much more than the Panoptic 24, but what it does does do is give a larger exit pupil, brighter image and bit more relaxed (finder like) view, which I like sometimes, especially as it does get quite dark here at my home (we’re on a farm)
  11. I can attest to that, as the buyer of your CC6”... it arrived in perfect collimation and has remained so ever since
  12. How timely... I finally got myself sorted with the ideal (for me) mini “grab and go” set of 1.25” eyepieces that work perfectly with both my Tak FC-76DCU and FS-60CB Meade 3000 40, TV Panoptic 24, TV Panoptic 15, Baader Genuine Ortho 12.5 Baader Hyperion x2.25 Barlow, Fujiyama Ortho 9, TV 3-6 Zoom ES 4.7 82 (Late addition as this gives fantastic lunar views) Moon Filter and small Red Led Torch All this goes in a very small Geoptik case, which I can carry out in one hand with either Tak on the ScopeTech Zero and Report tripod combo in the other
  13. FLO do still have both the normal and “low profile” 2” visual backs available, but no Clicklock 56i in stock right now unfortunately
  14. It’s good they got some stock in, but as you say, supplies are still very limited and will likely remain so for some/most of this year Will be very interested to hear your report on your FC100 when it arrives
  15. This is my finding too, over the last two night I’ve had both the FS-60CB and FC-76DCU out and been focussing primarily on the moon. They both cool down pretty much in minutes and both give sharp, contrasty images, free of any noticeable CA. What amazed me is just how much magnification each could take and still enhance the view. At one point I had the FS60 at 166x (ES 5mm 82 deg with Hyperion 2.25 Barlow), and it was still giving a lovely usable view The FC76 takes it one step further and of course brightens the view further, whilst eeking out more detail still Both scop
  16. Nice... another FC-76, but this one’s a little different, not the DCU variant... presumably it’s the same apart from the split tube Either way, I love mine and I know quite a few are getting these now... Superb grab and go scopes... enjoy
  17. Another FC-76DCU... welcome to the club, they’re awesome If it’s clear, don’t waste anymore time on here, get it setup and get out there
  18. It was such a long time ago and different scopes, so couldn’t make an honest comparison. All I can say is the Ethos and Delos (and Pentax XW) have some improvement on contrast and scatter compared to eyepieces I had previously, but couldn’t quantify it objectively.
  19. I’ve had the Panaview 32 at the same time I had the 38 and it was pretty much the same as I recall. It’s a lot lighter and doesn’t have that massive top that the 38 has. Funnily enough, I recall thinking at the time, how on earth anyone can use an eyepiece any larger, and yet here I am with an Ethos 21 I only really used it in f/10 or higher scopes, but do recall using it once in the ST120 (f/5) and seeing some FC, but that’s expected.
  20. Good point, I did used to have a Panaview 38 and it was a decent eyepiece indeed
  21. That’s lovely to hear... such a nice book and we both have sentimental attachments to them too What is even more amazing is when you think, that when these were published, only a few people had been into space and man hadn’t yet set foot on the moon
  22. That’s is interesting and no apology necessary re expense, as I already have Ethos 6, 8, 13 and indeed 3.7SX and 21 too anyway. I hadn’t really considered trying these in the FC-76DCU, but now just might... although I suspect this will be mounted on the AZ100 rather than ScopeTech, due to the balance issues that may present themselves. I’m still thinking really that I want to keep the this Tak setup as simple as possible though, but if the views are good Just received another Baader 2” Clicklock for the FS-60CB today, so am thinking of trying the XW30 in that... no doubt it
  23. I should add that it’s not really my intention to use anything other than 1.25” eyepieces on the FC-76DCU in normal use, so the Panoptic 24 is a perfect wide angle eyepiece most of the time
  24. Absolutely, I use all of them regularly in my FC-76DCU, StellaMira 80mm f/10 and 6”CC. Despite some FC in the Tak, remember this is still a relatively short focal length refractor and they’re all very usable. The XWs give superb, contrast, sharp views and they are the most comfortable eyepieces to view through and also don’t feel cold to the touch when swapping them. I have the whole set, except for the XW40 (yet) and wouldn’t swap them... the XW14 is the weakest (for FC) but even then, I can and do swap between that and the Delos 14, simply because sometimes the XW does (just) show
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