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  1. Now there’s a thought I think your old StellaLyra goes well with the StellaMira on the AZ100... a match made in heaven Oh and seriously, thanks so much for the handle, it really helps getting it on the mount
  2. Umm no, the Tak 76 is only being used on the ScopeTech/Report. I’ve removed the saddle and bolted it directly, deliberately to keep it as purely “grab and go” I did put the Mak 127 (with binoviewers) on as a test and that combo worked fine too... just a touch of white, but hopefully not enough to clash I “may” use the little Tak 60 as a super finder/widefield scope but for now have the (adjustable) ST80 for that if needed.
  3. First proper test of my AZ100 mounted with the “Stella twins” (StellaMira 80mm f/10 and StellaLyra 6” CC)... such an effortless and smooth mount that carried both of them with ease and was a joy to use. Both pushing around and slow motion controls were super easy Only (expected) issue was the scopes weren’t aligned with each other, but I’ve ordered the adjustable saddle plate now to solve that minor problem. I do have the counterweight and bar too, so can use a single scope too Next decision is whether to go Nexus DSC (I have the tray already for this) or Nexus II It’s a supe
  4. Modern user interface (UI) design is trending towards “hiding” things away unfortunately, which looks lovely but is confusing too. They call it a “discoverable” UI My ex boss (one of the co-founders of TomTom) always used to ask us to bring the UI to the minimum required to still be functional, but no further As Antoine De Saint-Exupery said... “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”
  5. I would agree that it’s nice to have tons of focuser travel... my own StellaMira 80mm f/10 has almost 100mm for example. However, with the right combination of spacers/extensions, I’ve got my FC-76DCU setup now to use pretty much any of the eyepieces I have without having to change anything in a session. Of course I’m only doing visual and not using binoviewers or anything else in the system. Ive also just received a 1.04x flattener and adaptors that should allow me to attach my EOS and do some basic photography, but that will require swapping the back end setup of course, but I’m fi
  6. Superb setup Nicola, you should really get some stunning views with this... Even after just a few hours with mine, I’m addicted to the simple, fast setup and easy viewing this scope provides Wishing you lots of fun with this
  7. Both my Taks (FS-60CB and FC-76DCU) have exactly 30mm (1.2”) of drawtube travel. I finally got round to trying the new 2” T2 BBHS mirror diagonal last night (very quick with a few visible stars), and confirmed that I can easily focus my XW30 (2”) along with a range of the same 1.25” eyepieces I was using with the 1.25” T2 prism arrangement. In both cases, I’ve set extension rings to give me approximately equal focus travel either side of the average eyepiece focus position Both setups shown in the photos... not sure which will live on which Tak yet
  8. This is exactly my thinking too, my 6” CC on the AZ100 is perfect for lunar/planetary detail viewing, 10” dob for DSOs and the Taks for wide field, imaging, grab and go and holiday/travel or just trekking to fields around us that have different views of the sky
  9. I was originally looking at the FS-60Q, as that would have also given the extender to use on both scopes, but that went in front of my eyes. Figured this way I get the best of both worlds, between this and the FC-76 and can add the extender later. I didn’t realise until a few weeks ago, just how scarce these things have become, I just assumed stock levels were small and being replenished, but apparently they are showing massive waiting lists for some models... apologies for jumping on this one whilst I could, I tried to resist but couldn’t in the end However, there is a strong li
  10. I was originally going to get the FS60Q, but sold out. I already have my eye on the extender, as it works with this and the FC-76DCU too This FS-60CB is lovely though and so tiny
  11. A cute little baby sister for the FC-76DCU has just arrived... at first I thought they’d delivered something else, as the package is so small (compared to my 76) For super wide field, some astrophotography and to pack for holidays (where I want more than binoculars)... a Takahashi FS-60CB
  12. Yes, I have Clicklock on everything, so made sense. I intend to try my binoviewer on this very setup, as the Baader 1.25” prism has very short optical path and I do have a fair amount of extension to play with. Still intend to keep this scope as simple and lightweight as possible though, but binoviewer option would be good
  13. Will do. Yes I went for the FC-76DCU as the tube splits and will pack small, however I’m thinking about something even smaller that I can just have with me on a trip, taking very little room indeed. Of course need to think about tiny mount/tripod now too Primary reason is that I always love my widefield binocular views but find it bit awkward any higher than 30/40 degrees (even on a tripod), so the FC-60 could fill that niche. Like to try some simple imaging too, so have Flattener and camera adaptors arriving for it too. Good luck with your hunt... sounds like one of these lit
  14. Will do. I did also buy a replacement “large” micro focuser knob too, but not sure that will be staying. So far no issues at all using any of my 1.25” eyepieces (which are the primary use for this scope)... XWs, Panoptics, TV 3-6 Zoom, Ultima Plossls and Masuyama 16mm (not really for this scope due to FC, but does focus. Have yet to try any 2” XW or any of my Ethos, but have taken delivery of a Baader 2” BBHS mirror diagonal today, so will give them a go. It does require a certain amount of extension, but with T2 rings, I’ve got the focuser where it gives me good travel either s
  15. I’m the same, I have micro focusers on all my scopes, but usually reach for the main knob most of the time, rather than the micro focuser knob. It does get used occasionally though and adds a different feel (as you say), so always nice to have it. I’ve ordered the FeatherTouch Micro Pinion for my FC-76DCU, as I want to retain the “Tak” look but benefit from micro focus when needed... should get round to fitting it this weekend and see how it works out
  16. Having just become the owner of an FC-76DCU and had a couple of hours with it so far, I can safely say that in addition to absolutely superb lunar viewing, I was able to get beautiful views of M42 the other night and some doubles (including the Double Double, even through quite low over some trees) I have no doubt the FC-100 would pull more detail out, but for my use case... as a complement to my 10” dob and CC 6”, this is a superb scope. Being so light, I’ve taken it out, mounted on the ScopeTech/Report combo, easily with one hand and it was ready to go straight away. I’m so t
  17. Without wishing to hijack your thread too much more Nicola, I will just say (show) that once you do get these fully setup, they’re absolutely lovely and a joy to use Although I’ve only had an hour on the moon with mine, I can say that this FC-76DCU is going to get a lot of use as my main grab and go scope now Just need some clear skies again
  18. I was looking at the Tak prism, but as I already had this Baader 1.25” T2, it would be superfluous. I’m sure they’re very good though. I can certainly say that the Panoptic 24, Morpheus 17.5 and TV 3-6 Zoom will work well with this scope, as I tried all of them quickly. The TV Zoom will likely live in the scope for “grab and go”, giving approx 100x to 200x magnification. I’ve also got the Baader 8-24 Zoom and that’s excellent as an all-rounder eyepiece. I would also highly recommend the DeLite range, having had (and only recently) sold the 13 and 18.2... Very sharp, flat field
  19. Hi Nicola, Whilst it’s not a comprehensive viewing report by any means, as I have literally only had an hour so far with this lovely new scope... I can confirm that both the Morpheus 17.5mm and the Nagler 3-6mm Zoom work perfectly and both have superb views. The Morpheus of course having a massive field of view, and it’s also very lightweight. For reference, I don’t have a Tak prism, but I am using a Baader T2 1.25 prism, which is very similar in size and optical path. With this I was able to focus all my eyepieces (Pentax XW20,14,10,7,5,3.5 - Panoptic 24 & 15 - Nagler Zoom
  20. FWIW, I ordered my Report (the 372 model) directly from Germany back last summer, because at the time FLO only stocked the Uni 28/18 and Planet... I like that colour and it still has that feel and smell I bet
  21. It’s lovely isn’t it... does this happen when you acquire a Tak, suddenly start admiring other similar scopes too
  22. Congratulations... Combine this with the ScopeTech and StellaMira and you have an adorable setup... it’s right on the payload limit but perfectly stable and wobble free, once focussed That dark grey is rather lovely
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