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  1. No matter how much force I use, even (carefully) tried a pipe wrench, I can’t remove that blue extension... so unfortunately (for now) it will have to stay Fortunately, my binoviewer comes easily to focus with the Hyperion 2.2x Barlow (albeit giving x5) and I’ve just received a WO 2x binoviewer Barlow nosepiece. This should be enough for my needs, as I didn’t plan on binoviewing anything other than the moon or planets. Strange though that mine seems to be so tight, almost like it’s had glue or paint applied in the screw threads
  2. Prior to lockdown, I was working away from home a lot, so had a pair of Nikon 8x56 binoculars which I used when away and before I really got back into astronomy. I couldn’t even begin to list what has been purchased since lockdown. Just before lockdown I had an ST80, ST120, Mak102 on a Skywatcher Avant mount and Hyperion Zoom eyepiece. The Mak and mount were given to a friend and the ST120 was sold, so everything else in my signature (plus countless finders, adaptors, widgets, books and accessories) has been purchased since lockdown began I haven’t added it all up, and some it
  3. This just arrived for either the FC-100 or FS-60CB A Takahashi MEF-3 Fine Focuser
  4. Thanks. It is indeed. I easily unscrewed the focuser itself from that extension tube and the extension tube plus silver ring from the OTA, but when I tried unscrewing the extension tube from that ring, it just wouldn’t budge. I’ll try again tomorrow, didn’t want to force it before checking that I wasn’t missing something (e.g. it’s glued or there’s a locking screw etc), so good to know it’s just really tight As it happens, I was able to test some eyepieces last night on the moon and also able to use my binoviewers anyway, using the Hyperion Zoom Barlow (2.25), which came into focus
  5. The adapter has arrived from @FLOand fits perfectly to both ScopeTech Zero (as expected) and the Report tripod. It came with two M8 bolts and these make a super solid connection to the base of the mount, and the M10 bolt of the tripod is screwed solidly into it This should be really secure now and as a bonus, the adapter is significantly smaller and lighter too
  6. After a recent thread highlighting the (potential) weakness of the 3/8th connection into the ScopeTech Zero, I ordered this from @FLO... ScopeTech Mount Adapter. This connects with two supplied M8 bolts and then the M10 bolt from the tripod connects securely to that
  7. I’m attempting to do the same thing, as I’d like to use extensions, camera rotator and T2 adaptor to allow me to use mine for binoviewing. However, the blue extension ahead of the focuser seems remarkably tight and no amount of turning can separate it from that silver ring that attaches it to the main OTA. I can remove the focuser easily enough, but not that bit Do I just need to be more forceful, or are these glued in anyway... I guess not, as yours came off and it looks like it’s just screwed in, but maybe it is just really tight
  8. To complete the Tak Trio... just arrived from @FLO(thanks)... a Takahashi FC-100DC. Love that it comes with its inspection certificate that includes the company President I can’t believe how lightweight this is for a 100 APO scope
  9. They can indeed... however at least with the Tak 76, both it and I would still be in good enough shape to actually do some observing when we got there
  10. I would second what John says here... for super impressive views of DSOs and indeed the moon, my 10" dob (at a 1/3rd of the price) outclasses all of them. However, I can't carry this across the farm or take it on holiday, and it does need a little while to cool
  11. Given I have recently compared my StellaMira 80mm f/10 side by side with my Tak FC-76DCU, I can make some comment on this, at least with regard to the moon (my now favourite viewing activity)... The StellaMira is excellent, it provides superb, crisp, contrasty views and barely discernible CA at the edge of the moon. Having 800mm of focal length also means you can use lower power eyepieces to get the same magnification too. It also has a lovely rack and pinion long draw focuser with fine focus adjustment as standard. However, it is also almost 3x the weight of the FC-76DCU and significantl
  12. I’ve had a DeLite 13mm and 18.2mm, both were exceptionally good. I only sold them as I have the range of Pentax XWs now. The BCO 6mm is a superb eyepiece, seems cheap and cheerful, but it’s brilliant. It’s only downside is quite minimal eye relief, but I keep it in my main set to use on the moon or planets
  13. Don’t forget the FS-60CB, which I adore as a complementary scope for wide field views on the AZ100, but will also be going on trips where I need to pack super light These will be more than enough for a good while yet
  14. Not yet, I ordered the FC-100DC this morning and @FLO will deliver on Monday It does mean, that I now need to consider the future of my Mak, CC6”, C5 and (possibly) the StellaMira... I likely don’t need to have all these scopes now as I anticipate they’ll be used less than before... I’m sold on refractors (particularly these fluorite ones)
  15. It does indeed look very good and seems to have the edge for imaging as well as superb for visual, according to reviews, but it’s also heavier and takes longer to cool than the FC-100DC. Besides, like you, I (currently) don’t need another 100mm Tak... as of this morning
  16. Thank you so much for spotting this potential weakness... I've had my ScopeTech Zero mounted on a Berlebach Report 372, which is similar to the 312 etc, but has interchangeable heads. Mine has an EQ5/AZ5 head, which has an M10 bolt and the north alignment pin for those mounts (see photo). In order to use my ScopeTech, I got one of these adaptors... https://www.firstlightoptics.com/skywatcher-star-adventurer/astro-essentials-3-8-photo-adapter-for-heq5-az5-tripod.html However, this appears to suffer the same problem you've highlighted... whilst the connection of the adaptor to the trip
  17. Well they certainly do need their adaptors... I have a small box of them already now
  18. Hi Mike, That’s really great to know thank you. I had a feeling I’d read somewhere that removing that section would allow binoviewers to work and I have a short light path Baader 1.25” T2 prism for that purpose. Am thinking of adding the BBHS T2 prism diagonal as well, but not for binoviewing, as I’ve been very impressed with the mirror version but want to reserve that for wide field views. I’ve got them setup right now with appropriate T2 extensions so I can swap them between the FS-60CB and FC-76DCU easily (both have 2” ClickLock on the OTAs). I do love my Mak 127 and the StellaMir
  19. @mikeDnight, I think you may have discussed this elsewhere before, but can’t locate the thread... As previous owner of an FC-100DC (and binoviewer observer), were you able to get it to focus with binoviewers and 1.25” prism, natively on this scope, or did you end up removing the small extension attached to the focuser to achieve this ? The FC-76DCU doesn’t have a removable section and remains a lovely lightweight grab and go scope, so thinking specifically of an FC-100DC to replace my Mak 127, which is my lunar binoviewing scope currently... it’s lovely but takes a while to cool down
  20. Yes, it’s a good (and cheaper option). The FS-60CB does benefit even more from a fine focuser, as it has a very shallow “snap” focus point and shows some CA if not precisely on that
  21. I would agree that the stock focusers on both mine are very good and I don’t think it’s in any way essential to change them I do like fine focusers though, so have replaced that on my FC-76DCU with the FeatherTouch Pinion, which works well indeed and super smooth. It is relatively expensive though but does retain the Takahashi look. You may consider going all the way to the full FeatherTouch focuser.... once your wallet stops weeping I’ve also added the More Blue fine focuser to my FS-60CB, which also works well, is a little bit stiffer to operate, but still very smooth. The
  22. I’ve found that for a longer session, I like to have the choice, hence the setup in the photo... but this is overkill most of the time
  23. I can attest that the FC-76DCU is superb on doubles. Previously that job was reserved for the StellaMira 80mm f/10, but the Tak does it as well, and importantly, it’s just so lightweight by comparison. I’m now able to move around on the farm and get some observing positions I wouldn’t normally get to, which has been great Plus the FC-76DCU can be upgraded with the 1.7x extender and that would make a superb double/ lunar scope at 970mm f/12.75
  24. FLO shopping cart doesn’t work that way, you can put stuff in their all day long and won’t affect stock levels... Only when you purchase... I’ve done it enough times I’m also not totally convinced there are stock shortages of FC100 and FC76... both these have show as “special order 7-10 days” recently, and there have been people buying both models over the last few weeks/months. However, some others (e.g. FC-100DZ and FS-60CB) show as “out of stock” 30-60 days. So I think those are genuinely just not available from Takahashi, whereas some others models are... pure speculation of co
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