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  1. Congratulations on the FC-76DCU, you’ll love it... I have the 6”CC too Interested to bear how well the Feather Touch works on that, mine has the SteelTrack which is also decent. Enjoy them both
  2. Just been looking through it, the red/blue colour plates of each object are amazing. The atlas is excellent too, I have quite a few now and this is up there with the best
  3. And finally, after seeing an earlier post (thanks ) got these two fantastic books from Amazon... Interstellarum Deep Sky Atlas and Guide... I love the details in these
  4. Followed by... More Blue Precision Focuser kit for the FS-60CB... I already have the FeatherTouch Pinion on the FC-76DCU, so this should even things up a bit Plus a More Blue Finder Base for the Tak 6x30 finder, so I can swap between it and my RACI as required (I’ve fitted a universal finder shoe to the FC-76CU already).
  5. Quite a few bits arrived today... thanks @FLO Takahashi Camera Angle adjuster and Wide T Mount (EOS) to go with the 1.04x flattener I got earlier, so I can try some basic imaging with the FS-60C
  6. Forgot to post a box shot, but this arrived last week and I fitted it this morning... a FeatherTouch Micro Pinion focuser for the Tak FC-76DCU Tested it just now (daytime) and it does feel really good... Not that the standard focuser is bad, just like a fine focuser
  7. I’ve taken both my Taks out every night there has been some clear sky. What is also great, is that for the first time (apart from a few times with my C5), I’ve been able wander away from the house and setup quickly in a new spot... So light and one handed carry I will try the Ethos, but doubt very much I will use them much in these scopes. Balancing on the ScopeTech would be fiddly and I’m used to eyepieces all weighing about the same with no balance issues. In fact it’s likely I will stick with 1.25” eyepieces in the Tak 76. If I do then will drop back to the 1.25” prism. For wid
  8. My apologies, my most was a bit misleading... I’m actually using a Baader 2” T2 BBHS Mirror diagonal, although I think it has quite a short light path. I do also have a 1.25” T2 prism, which does have a short light path, but then I need 30/40mm of extension to being the focuser into range, so you may be alright with a longer light path diagonal, as long as not using the supplied Tak adaptors. The Nagler 3-6 Zoom is lovely and basically lives in the scope for “grab and go”, so yes I would advise getting one. I imagine the 2-4 zoom is great too, but never tried and I think th
  9. Great news about the FC-76DCU... welcome to the club I have a Clicklock adaptor screwed directly onto the drawtube and a 2” T2 prism attached to that with a 15mm extension ring. The prism has a 2” Clicklock on top with a 1.25” adaptor. With this I can focus all my eyepieces, apart from my Ethos, which I haven’t yet tested. Eyepieces tested are all Pentax XW (3.5 to 30), Panoptic 24 and 15, Morpheus 17.5, Delos 14, Nagler Zoom 3-6 and Celestron Plossls. The XW 30 is 2”. Most are close to each other except the Delos which has to focus inwards 1cm, but still with travel to spare.
  10. That looks like a lovely book to read and although we’ve only been here for 5 years, I can say that it’s a great place to both live and also for astronomy, as we have large fields separating us from the nearest town (Thornbury) so light pollution is minimised. There are also no bright lights on the farm at night, so ideal
  11. Love that view... seems we have two things in common... living on a farm with plenty of open fields to enjoy the view and a lightweight Tak FC-76DCU setup to move around on it
  12. I’d also add that whilst setting up the finders properly yesterday afternoon on both Taks, I realised they are both perfect for observing wildlife in the fields around us and woodland that starts about 100 yards away... particularly the FS-60... mounted binoculars effectively
  13. Agree with John here... I’ve observed M42 through every scope I’ve had and aperture here does make a huge difference. M42 with the F-76DCU, FS-60CB and StellaMira 80mm ED f/10 is enjoyable, but the nebulosity requires averted vision to see much... admittedly M42 isn’t visible for long right now and is quite low though. Through any of my 5”... ST120 (I’ve sold now), C5 or Mak127, it’s much more visible, with more structure. StellaLyra 6” (which I think you have too), tiny bit more detail, although this is a slow scope. Bresser 10” dob though is like looking at a different ob
  14. Exactly... I use SkySafari on the iPad with my iOptron AZ Mount Pro, but sometimes just drop back to using the handset, as it’s totally night vision safe, even has a little red led torch and heater built in
  15. I see a little splash of red... an accent if you will
  16. Yes, I was thinking that with the DSC I can use it standalone and not have to bother bringing an iPad out Its a Uni 28...perfectly up to the job for these scopes, and they’re quite well balanced too
  17. This was part of my reasoning for getting the FC-76DCU now, as I can see a 100mm in the near future, and I'm thinking about the DZ when they become available again. So for now the 76 (and 60) give me travel options as well as being superb for grab and go around the farm here However, I wasn't aware that a small extension could be removed on the 100DC, as that makes it usable for binoviewing too
  18. Now there’s a thought I think your old StellaLyra goes well with the StellaMira on the AZ100... a match made in heaven Oh and seriously, thanks so much for the handle, it really helps getting it on the mount
  19. Umm no, the Tak 76 is only being used on the ScopeTech/Report. I’ve removed the saddle and bolted it directly, deliberately to keep it as purely “grab and go” I did put the Mak 127 (with binoviewers) on as a test and that combo worked fine too... just a touch of white, but hopefully not enough to clash I “may” use the little Tak 60 as a super finder/widefield scope but for now have the (adjustable) ST80 for that if needed.
  20. First proper test of my AZ100 mounted with the “Stella twins” (StellaMira 80mm f/10 and StellaLyra 6” CC)... such an effortless and smooth mount that carried both of them with ease and was a joy to use. Both pushing around and slow motion controls were super easy Only (expected) issue was the scopes weren’t aligned with each other, but I’ve ordered the adjustable saddle plate now to solve that minor problem. I do have the counterweight and bar too, so can use a single scope too Next decision is whether to go Nexus DSC (I have the tray already for this) or Nexus II It’s a supe
  21. Modern user interface (UI) design is trending towards “hiding” things away unfortunately, which looks lovely but is confusing too. They call it a “discoverable” UI My ex boss (one of the co-founders of TomTom) always used to ask us to bring the UI to the minimum required to still be functional, but no further As Antoine De Saint-Exupery said... “Perfection is achieved, not when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away”
  22. I would agree that it’s nice to have tons of focuser travel... my own StellaMira 80mm f/10 has almost 100mm for example. However, with the right combination of spacers/extensions, I’ve got my FC-76DCU setup now to use pretty much any of the eyepieces I have without having to change anything in a session. Of course I’m only doing visual and not using binoviewers or anything else in the system. Ive also just received a 1.04x flattener and adaptors that should allow me to attach my EOS and do some basic photography, but that will require swapping the back end setup of course, but I’m fi
  23. Superb setup Nicola, you should really get some stunning views with this... Even after just a few hours with mine, I’m addicted to the simple, fast setup and easy viewing this scope provides Wishing you lots of fun with this
  24. Both my Taks (FS-60CB and FC-76DCU) have exactly 30mm (1.2”) of drawtube travel. I finally got round to trying the new 2” T2 BBHS mirror diagonal last night (very quick with a few visible stars), and confirmed that I can easily focus my XW30 (2”) along with a range of the same 1.25” eyepieces I was using with the 1.25” T2 prism arrangement. In both cases, I’ve set extension rings to give me approximately equal focus travel either side of the average eyepiece focus position Both setups shown in the photos... not sure which will live on which Tak yet
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