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  1. Those in the north with clear skys you're in for a treat!!!


  2. for the first time in a long while im missing my scope :( i wonder were she is now???

    1. Chris


      Get yourself a scope Dan. You know you want to ;) 

  3. clear sky's on Anglesey !! time to rock!!!

    1. Chris


      Howd it go?

  4. full milkyway arch pano shot last night with REFLECTIONS !!!!

    1. johnfosteruk


      Looking forward to seeing that mate :)


    1. mapstar


      Excellent stuff Danny. The whitby pier pic is nice I also have the same photo. Might post it one day :wink: 

    2. RichM63


      Great stuff Danny. But please continue to post your photographs on here as well.

  5. Images submitted for LPOTY fingers x'd 

  6. First NLC's  of the season, images in bound later 

  7. DXO 11 is free in digital camera magazine this month

    1. RichM63


      Get it, if you don't have it already. DXO 11 is now being replaced by DXO PhotoLab inc Nik collection.

  8. EXTRA 8GB of ram !! woooop 16GB of ram in my laptop I7 Quad core now im cooking baby!

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    2. Daniel-K
    3. Daniel-K


      @Uranium235 i was top 2% on xbox for years 1&2 on destiny tracker logged over 3000 hours. just to much grinding for me the social side was fantastic and i enjoyed it while it lasted. bring on ANTHEM !

    4. Uranium235


      Xbox?...lol. Try D2 on a gaming PC ;) totally different experience. No aim assist, since mouse and keys are far superior  (headshots galore!). The new updates made heroic strikes more difficult than a nightfall  (which is utterly bonkers).

  9. bag packed, two night wild camp with the new camera. exciting times! 

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    2. Chris


      Enjoy yourself, danny, it's lovely up there! 

    3. Daniel-K


      @scarp15 famous last words. had to come down the mountain as it was awful 

    4. scarp15


      Oh dear sorry to here that, complete contrast to how it is in the east then, hope to do an overnighter wild camping in the cheviots on Sunday.

  10. finally after a lot mishaps i will get my perfect camera and lenses tomorrow :)

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    2. Chris


      Alpha mkIII ? ?

    3. Daniel-K


      A7RII, theres not much of upgrade for a landscaper to MIII and the MII i got a bloody good price

    4. Chris


      It will be a lot more compact for a start :) Do you know if they've fixed that star eater issue yet? Have fun playing with your new camera today :) 

  11. G1 storm in bound this week end, steve will be visible from 50-60 degrees  get out chaps the forecast looks good 

  12. Back from Glencoe images coming up later tonight.

  13. just saying.....last night was epic. pics to come later

    1. jabeoo1


      Show them already !

    2. Daniel-K


      check the wide field section


  14. If this forecast gold right for Wednesday something special should be produced ! 

  15. To the Lakes!!! astro & landscapes roll on!!

  16. storm eleanor images inbound tonight

  17. on route to glencoe. Forcast is clear sky's woopp

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    2. mapstar


      :thumbright: looking forward to the photos fella 

    3. Chris


      Have fun..hope you've got some warm gloves!

    4. faulksy


      take it easy dan. look foward to your pics mate :headbang:

  18. new pictures up tonight form a -8 trip to the lakes 

  19. a little more processing,pics to be up tonight.

  20. canon 70-200 F2.8 incoming 

    1. Alien 13
    2. andyboy1970


      Very nice, I've got the 70-200mm F4 L series, great lens, will even auto-focus on stars.

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