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Status Updates posted by Daniel-K

  1. Friday is the day!!

    1. swamp thing

      swamp thing

      Alrighty then..... :-)

    2. ronin


      Should I fill the car with fuel in preparation?

    3. hobsey


      Do we all need to find a secure underground bunker?

  2. COME ON OO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. faulksy


      still not done dan, have you phoned them

  3. chilling out with a single malt :) good times

    1. jabeoo1


      Which one Daniel?

  4. 3 nights with big dobs at uber dark sky's !!!!

    1. tingting44


      ohh u lucky [removed word]! :)

    2. faulksy


      have a safe trip dan and you steve, me and calv will see you tomorrow

  5. whtch out the DOB MOB is coming

    1. faulksy


      very soon to a place near nobody

  6. the sky has never looked so blue !

  7. its nearly time for the galaxy hunter to come out to play :)

  8. ahhh broadband is back after a week :)

  9. its nearly that time again :)

    1. faulksy


      baby dont hurt me...adaway

    2. estwing



    3. faulksy


      close, thats the welsh version

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  10. Tracer Lithium Polymer battery on its way :)

  11. back on lates after a weekend away at SWSP :(

  12. anyone else just seen that flare by cass?

    1. tingting44


      i just see i big cloud go by :-O

    2. Uplooker


      Is that with the superduper photon hoovering machine that I have in my pocket? - Nope, sorry. How is it Dan?

  13. clear out for once

  14. 16" F4.5 mirror has landed!

  15. out for delivery!!!

  16. ETA Friday! !!!!!

    1. Daniel-K
    2. Dannae


      Wonderful scope, Enjoy :)

    3. faulksy


      just in time for the rain at sw. cant wait to see it

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  17. tick tock tick tock.....not long now :)

    1. Earl


      Same here.

    2. faulksy


      not long now, it will be worth the wait

    3. Daniel-K


      just waiting for the funds to clear and it will be shipped.

      Stu youd think with all the scopes ive had this feeling would have passed but im just as excited for this scope as i was when i bought my first scope lol

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  18. 16" sumeriant ETA 7 days!! and im on lates so I ill be home for delivery whhhooooo!

    1. Uplooker


      Looking forward to seeing some pics and hearing a first light report

    2. Daniel-K


      first light will have to wait till SWSP as the new launch of the landrover discovery sport is keeping me very busy in work! but soon as it arrives i will post some piccies!!

    3. faulksy


      nice one danski

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  19. scopeless on a clear night ....bhoooo hoooo hoooo

  20. Danski has AF baaaaaad!....thanks si !

    1. estwing


      cool it danny boy that 16" will calm the fever bro..

    2. SimonfromSussex


      I told you not to look through it!!!!

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