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  1. NLC reflection made a lovely natural frame from the display on 21/6/19 Sony A7RII single frame
  2. I got a heads up just before i finished work and didn't really want to head out until i saw some image's coming in from Berlin just before 22:30. I decided to go and try and capture a shot ive had planned for a while but due east there was some murky cloud shrouding some of the display so i headed to a place i know well. NLC NEW BRIGHTON by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
  3. i cant take all the credit for this spot, a good friend of mine who's local pointed me to it. theres a few spots around the lake for some other things i want to try later in the year.
  4. By the time August comes around it's too high and making a panoramic image of it is a real pita. This image was about 15 images. The last time I tried in August it took 51 images to fit.
  5. Thank you dude There was a big hill behind us, blocking most of the low moon
  6. Hi Dave hope this helps. I've calculated you max exposure time for shooting with your kit. Lovely image by the way I think that's it for us northern folk now. Next session 2nd August for me
  7. last astro shot for a while now. The conditions where epic and while i was waiting for the moon to set fully, i was stood in front of this tree and decided to try something new. A 200 shot stack and a 4 pane pano. thats 50 x 12" images for each pane at ISO 6400 f2.8 20mm. This is part of the Cygnus constellation home to the North America Nebula which you can see as a pink blotch towards the top of the image. This Nebula is approx 100 light years across and 1800 light years away. I love this section of the milky way as its so dense with stars when your at a dark sky location it glows wonderfully in the sky . Sonya7rii Tokina 20mm F2 Firin lens Vanguard Alta BH-300 Ballhead Vanguard Alta Sky 49 Bag Benro Mach3 TMA47AXL
  8. Thanks John, its ok but i feel i can do better. if was a first visit and really didn't expect to capture much. i did'nt even make it the way around the lake to my intentional POI which im slightly annoyed at because if i had, the shot i had planned would of had some more aurora in. but its a cracking spot for winter so you will see it later in the year.
  9. thanks Dave it was a last minute trip. the plan was to go out on the saturday evening but looking at the weather and moon set times i decided to go after work on Friday. i begged work to let me out 2 hours early lol
  10. sure its the Tokina 20mm F2 Firin lens. its a new range from Tokina and its very very sharp i paid £600 for an open box from wex. The MF is cheaper than the AF version both have the same optics, i have the AF version but couldnt find a MF one in stock any where. I'm really enjoying using it for astro and seascapes. its quite small considering its for a FF body. would i recommend one ...sure would it's at its sharpest at F8 TO F11
  11. Walking back from shooting the arch around the other side of the lake i saw a small hill, so at 3am i hauled my bsackside up this hill and quite glad i did. you never know whats there till you look. this is 30 x 12" ISO 6400 Sonya7rii Tokina F2 FIRIN lens
  12. thank you, not bad for a first time visit in the dark. i think without the moon it would have been even better as it caused a bit a gradient. One for the note book i think for next year
  13. Headed out after work last night in chance of capturing the arch for the last time before summer nights really take a grip. I had a idea of a location and it worked out better than planned. theres a slight glow to the north ( left of the image) as the auroa kicked off at 1:30am sadly the mountain was in my way but i like the purple hue's. Sony a7rii Tokina F2 FIRIN lens 21x12" iso 6400
  14. full milkyway arch pano shot last night with REFLECTIONS !!!!

    1. johnfosteruk


      Looking forward to seeing that mate :)


  15. Thanks Dave, it was a great evening. Know I the location I'm really looking forward to August September
  16. come with me next time, i'll show you the dark corners of Wales
  17. I was in wales 4/5/19 for some clear sky action, this was a composition i was thinking of but a campsite had their toilet block lights on. F2.8 30Secs SonyA7RII Tokina 20mm
  18. This is the 2nd shot from my recent trip to the dark sky location . approx 51 images stacked @ 20secs a mix of ISO 3200,6500 & 10000 Sonya7RII Tokina F2 20mm Firin Lens Milkyway by Danny Kenealy, on Flickr
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