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  1. I agree with simmo39, it looks stunning.
  2. The trouble is from my experience you can't trust the forecasts!!
  3. The Esprit 100ED is a great scope, I'm sure you wont be disappointed if you press the button. I'd only get rid of mine if I could afford a 150
  4. Superb image, so much detail
  5. Great image, I like that a lot, so many stars and great colours
  6. I like that a lot, great image
  7. Lovely widefield shot. I love these types of images as they show the vastness of space.
  8. Great images, lots of detail and great colour
  9. That's a stunning image, lots of detail and beautiful colours
  10. Great images, the M42 image is fantastic
  11. Great image with lots of detail
  12. I totally agree with everyone else, amazing image thanks for sharing
  13. I like that a lot, loads of detail, I just love mono images
  14. That's an amazing image.
  15. That's a new object for me and a great image, I love the colour.
  16. I bought loads of imaging equipment the other year and have hardly used it due to work commitments and the weather and I must admit that I've been tempted to pack it in and sell up a few times. The things is that when I do get chance to get out it makes it all worthwhile so I'm going to stick with it and pray that the weather picks up.
  17. If you don't get a trade would you be interested in selling?
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