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  1. That's a nice way to record the whole event... All you need is a nice clear sky for the next week... Not sure that will happen here..
  2. Nice report... I often have sessions like that, laid back in a chair and the targets seem familiar too... I always check out the Auriga clusters - as you said, only smudges, but always nice to look at.. Also very nice to see some meteors... The last few showers have been ruined of course with all the cloud, but maybe I'll catch a few later this week... Mark
  3. Reading reports like this is great... I can't remember the last time it was clear here,(like many of us) so hearing someone else's excitement is very welcome! Mark
  4. Clever Marketing... Being a massive fan of the ST80, I havent had much to complain about. Its cheap and does good at what its supposed to. BUT often i have thought about a focuser upgrade because when your sitting there waiting for the scope to settle after a re-focus you kind of wish it had a better focuser.... but that is about £180 so your £100 scope is now about £300 and all it can do it low/medium power.. as @vlaiv says, you add MAK for high power and you may as well have got an ED80.... If you focus on one scope - like the ST120, You can get this on the AZ3 for about 280? And
  5. I don't suppose many would consider the ST80 a 'mini' scope, but you can pick the whole thing up in one hand and carry star maps and red torch in the other.... The trouble begins when you have to open a door....
  6. Nice one Doug, I was surprised to see it up for sale so soon - glad your keeping it - and hearing the tight crisp doubles you can split, I would hold onto that one too! Mark
  7. Hi Roy, A warm welcome to SGL Mark
  8. In terms of a tripod, check out First light Optics, (FLO) in the binocular section, there's a decent selection there... All should be more than enough for the 10x50s but you'll need to check the thread on the telescope... Mark
  9. @wulfrun yep that's the one.. Quite often someone has captured it on camera which is always good to see....
  10. I didnt see it. I never see them.. I've actually never seen a fireball despite looking for 20 years... There are a few sites that log fireballs, I thinks it's meteorsky.co.uk. Check that out in a day or two and see what pops up.. Mark
  11. Check them out... Sometimes you can get lucky. Most of the time those unbranded bins are terrible under night skies... A combination of poor lenses and prisms might leave you disappointed.... A friend gave me a pair of Tasco zip bins which I thought was nice... But when compared to the Olympus DPS the difference was quite unbelievable (and the Olympus are only about £50)
  12. SOLVED**** not sure how I missed it.... Thanks Hi All, I was wondering how to limit the magnitude of stars shown on the mobile app if you have the full version? Thanks Mark
  13. Hi All, I know there are a bunch of these and DIY p-mounts around for big binoculars, but this video popped up on my recommended and the simple design looked quite appealing - especially to me - and I guess quite a few easy mods could be thought of too... For your interest.... Mark
  14. Nicely done! It's always very satisfying to grab an object that really needs to be hunted down... I always find it that little more satisfying when achieving it with binoculars Mark
  15. I've not seen this one before... It's interesting that if you had the 90/900 you might wish for a shorter focal length for better wide field views, but with the ST80 80/400 you'd wish for a bit more focal length and a little more light power.... This one seems to fit the bill...
  16. Thanks Stephan, I've not come across that one before.... I'll have a look at that next time I'm out... Mark
  17. It's been a while since I've been out with the bins and couldn't resist when I saw a nice clear sky for the first time in as long as I can remember. I grabbed a look at m45 first of course and it really jumped out at me, one we've all looked at many times before, but always a good starting place. Some great doubles in the Hyades and that nice string of stars just above it.... That's one FOV I really enjoy under a nice dark sky. I stuck with Taurus and picked out 1647 as a faint smudge with a couple of stars resolved... Then 1746, another cluster which is similar to 1647 - much bette
  18. Thanks Steve, lots to look forward to. I've never viewed planets with bins before, but must give it go this month... And I'm sure we'll have clear skies for the meteor shower...
  19. I think it goes down to personal preference whether a standard tripod is comfortable enough.. I have found it a little annoying before , when you want to look above 65-70 degrees and have to tilt you neck too much and try and keep your eyes close enough to the eyepiece.... Of course you could look into a parallelogram mount - I've used one before but I've never set one up and they do take up a little more room.lt will allow you to view in comfort, either standing or sitting/laying back Mark
  20. Fantastic.... I have always wanted to have an old pair of 14x100... Some of the best binocular targets you looked at there, as I did last night with a pair of 10x50s - I imagine your 100mm showed just a bit more detail.. If you have a chance, it'd be great to see a picture of them Mark
  21. Great sketch Mike, really wonderful soft colour... These sketches always make me visit the FLO telescope section....
  22. Nice report with some interesting targets there - especially when you can see nice colour differences between stars with bins... I haven't done a binocular session for a while so next chance I get I'll have a go.. Mark
  23. Brilliant! Congrats! Im excited for you.... Let's get some clear skies, some good seeing and a few nice observing reports.. Enjoy Mark
  24. Fantastic sketch! That really does seem to jump out at you...
  25. Fantastic! The only cylinder shaped thing of that size I can look into is my coffee cup! Enjoy...
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