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  1. Sometimes when I do a sketch, I look at it and wonder 'what was I thinking?' but more often than not they turn out OK.... Definitely give it a go, it's great fun (and does improve your observing skills ) Mark
  2. I often like to sit back and take in the stars on very clear nights and with Orion on its way down for the season I took the opportunity to take a little sketch. It's often surprising what you can see when you really take your time and allow your eyes to fully adjust. I didn't sketch in every star I could see as many appeared with averted vision but I was treated to some faint wisps of the milky way and could resolve a few stars in NGC 1981. Orions nebula wasn't as clear as it been recently but still nice to see. Black card, white gel, white pencil and a red light. Mark
  3. its funny you should say that, last night i grabbed m94 in the little st80 after I noticed it on my star map and the notes I take at the eyepiece I marked it as a Glob it wasnt untill I came indoors and noticed it was a galaxy which confused me and made me wonder if I was looking at something completly different.....
  4. Russ, The Stella ii do have a good reputation. I think you get slightly better light transmission and correction on the Apollo s but the Stella's really are good quality and of course much lighter than the Apollo's so a trigger grip should work well... Clear skies Mark
  5. I certainly think they serve a purpose and are capable of showing you great things... But the problem with cheaper 100mm bins is the way the image loses its sharpness quite quickly from the centre. Of course they are also heavy so they need tripod mounting and they require straight through viewing. If your using them for astro only you'll really you've got your neck to consider or you could get a parallelogram mount... But some good astro viewing can be done. Although they are cheap for a pair of 100mm binoculars , I'd be thinking about what telescope I could buy for the same money...
  6. Another nice session Ciaran. Yea, you do often have to convince yourself about m66 with bins. I did a bit not convincing a few nights back. Good to see you had a go at some doubles too - people often forget about them when using bins. Might have a go at those ones tonight... Enjoy the clear skies Mark
  7. Marios, That is a seriosly delicate sketch.. Nice one Mark
  8. Nice one Mike.. very interesting to see what subtle differences these filters make - and not an easy job to sketch either, I bet... Mark
  9. One thing to consider is the size of binocular. A pair of 50mm from a very dark site will show you plenty - obviosly the faint fuzzies are literally going to be that, but you can at least hand hold them. Once you begin to venture into the world of 70-80mm bins you can use them for brief sessions but to get the most out of then youll need a tripod/monopod.... And then of course you begin to wonder if you should have just bought a scope... I guess it comes down to what type of observing your going to go for.... At the end of the day, a small dob is easily transportable - will show you mu
  10. I have great North Norfolk dark skies and have never seen M1 with 50mm's.... Although last night I did see it as the smallest of smudges with my st80 at x26 - that was a first for me... But now that I've located it maybe I'll have another go with the 50's I always find magazine/ online challenges overly optimistic - but there's always that determined part of you that wants to prove them right....
  11. Brilliant work! Really looking to hearing how you get on with these...
  12. Nice session Mark. I always look around Cassiopeia and Auriga, you never get bored... I'm taking as much of Orion and Monoceros as I can at the moment. Very nicely placed and not around for much longer.... Mark
  13. Agreed. Using both eyes, seeing things the right way round and most of all, the convenience of them and how easy they are to use make them so appealing...
  14. Nice one Ciaran, Impressive observations there, M1 is always tricky and as you said, easily missed if your not sure exactly where it is. Maybe I will give it a go as it's higher in the sky and less prone to poorer conditions lower down. M51 is also a great find. Looks like a nice weekend ahead so that might have a go. Mark
  15. Nice observations once again and it's nice to see the written record too. It's something I always try and do but tend to rush...
  16. Hi all, So, I have done a load of sketching over the last year or so using black card and white pens. This has been fun and improved my observing, but I would much prefer to sketch on white paper with nice sharp pencils and then turn it into dark sky with white stars for a more professional finish. Also adding a pitch black surround would be nice. Is there an app for pc/android that anyone could recommend? Thanks Mark
  17. Good to see your back observing .. I remember all the problems you had a few months back and it's been interesting seeing all the different scopes you've had.. The Vixen has a nice focal length, good enough aperture and still falls into that portable category... I'll look forward to hearing how it performs... Clear skies Mark
  18. Nice session Ciaran, People do tend to overlook doubles with binoculars but they really can be nice to look at. Monoceros and Orion are up there as my favourites for binoculars,. So much going on. Half to hear the monopod is working well... Mark
  19. If the cost of a parallelogram mount is too much, there are of course plenty of photo mounts that will hold this bins. The Fotomate 680 easily holds up to 7kg and extends to about 197cm
  20. That is a serious observation right there! The detail you have been able to pick up is incredible when you consider the size of its appearance in the EP. It just goes to show that with a lot of practice, a very keen eye, patience, a great scope and a night of good seeing (yes, that's a lot of things) great things can be achieved. Another great drawing Mike Mark
  21. Thanks Steve, that's real dedication! These newsletters renew my enthusiasm each and every month Mark
  22. @Ships and Stars I have wanted a set of these for a while now and as you said, if you can arrange them to accept filters the wide field of view and immersive bino experience would be great! I recently spent an evening with a set of 100mm APMs - amazing! They were only mounted on a Fotomate tripod but with the 45degree EPs I felt that set up worked fine... Of course, with the option of any EPs things get expensive when you start buying 2 of eveything... I'll look forward to an observing report sometime soon... Mark
  23. Do the EPs you want to use have smooth barrels? This could be the problem, some of those bigger bins don't like the type with that indent half way down the barrel (can't think of the technical term right now) Great set of bins though! Edit: friction fit
  24. Nice one Rob. A monopod would be best if you really want to study objects, but sitting back in a recliner and wedging your elbows can really help. Also have a go at holding the bins either at the end or at the front - see if that helps... Sometimes just sitting down can help... Mark
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