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  1. Just spotted it. The thinnest slice my eyes can make out set amoung a nice orange sky.. haven't got a good enough camera to pick it up...
  2. Check out FLO (firstlightoptics) for the tripods, they have a decent selection... The fotomate range are really good...
  3. @parallaxerr sounds like a decent first session - especially with the use of those filters... How did you get on with the AZ4? Mark
  4. I had a pair very similar - also 16*50 when I was a kid... Got my first view of Andromeda with them...
  5. Hi, You can start sketching with very little equipment. I have even done a few naked eye sketches using black card, a gel ink white pen and a white pencil...You can have a go with binoculars, handheld or tripod mounted.. as far as telescopes go, some may say a scope with a tracking mount could make it easier but you won't find it difficult nudging the scope over to keep you target in view.... Loads of different ways to approach this, take a look at the sketching thread... Mark
  6. Great deal @parallaxerr , I have thought about getting one of these for ages... A friend of mine also mounts his 120 f8.3 on an AZ4. It's not a match made in heaven but it does an OK job - although you may find you have to shuffle the tube up and down the rings when you start pointing a little higher in the sky... Enjoy Mark
  7. Great sketches Mike, Some very nice detail captured with your new DZ... Mark
  8. It's either the wonderful dark skies of rural North Norfolk or a mistake. I'll have another look next time I'm out - and also check if there's nothing else nearby ...
  9. Nice session Doug. I managed a look at M53 last night, much lower power of course (st80 x26) and got Glob 5053 in the same FOV - well worth a look - but you just may need something a little smaller than the 8se.. Clear skies Mark
  10. Fantastic stuff... It'll be very interesting to see these 'little touches' take shape....lookin forward to it...
  11. Great stuff Miguel ! Ill look forward to seeing many more in the future.. Mark
  12. Nice one! I'll look forward to hearing how you get on with them...
  13. It's great when that happens! I have looked at 111 many times with the Olympus 10x50s so definitely will be looking that little bit closer next time...
  14. Great sketch Mario's, Very nice texture captured... Mark
  15. That magazine looks so weird... Like some sort of Animé / History crossover... You have to build it of course.... Moon book looks quite nice too...
  16. Nice session Doug. Quite a few nice little doubles in Leo - much easier that's it's higher in the sky now.... and it's always nice to have a look at the Beehive.. one of my favourite binocular targets.. There always seems to be so much going on.. I saw Hercules rising last night at about 11ish, one area I always seem to miss out on, maybe somthing to with the late hour and the not so dark summer sky.... Have you had any time with that long Bresserr yet? Clear skies Mark
  17. Thanks for the info Peter, definitely something to look into when I get my Mak later this year... Mark
  18. Wouter, I am a novice when it comes to the Moon. It's something I want to get into but don't currently have the scope for it... So I always end up frustrated and giving up. When I eventually get a scope more suited I will certainly have a go. I like the way the lunar 100 is set out and that each feature has its own link with details and photos. The one thing I always struggle with is finding the right regions of the Moon and getting to know the phases... So I guess if you could include any additional info on exactly where and how and when best to observe each feature that may be h
  19. Great sketch again Mike. Amazing you can see this much detail during the day! Mark
  20. Nice one Doug. There is always something a bit sweeter about the unplanned session.. even more so if you have a beer in the fridge.... Mark
  21. Doug, I would never get bored of just looking at that 'cannon' ....not to mention viewing through it... Enjoy Mark
  22. Hi all, I just noticed that FLO seem to have stopped selling the SE range from Celestron - I known it will be available in other stores for quite some time, but does this mean Celestron have stopped making them ? I know they have been around for at least 10 years and by all accounts been very popular so just out of interest I was wondering if they were releasing an alternative? Thanks Mark
  23. Thanks Steve, Looks like a good edition with lots going on... Mark
  24. Ciaran, Nice set of doubles there - better have a look at a few of these myself... I must gather a list of binocular doubles which have different colours to them... Mark
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