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  1. Well I sent my binoviewers off to Denis to be re-collimated and we agreed he would supercharge them while he had them. First class service from Denis they are back better than ever, he even repaired the paint chips on the casing. Would highly recommend Denis to anyone thinking of supercharging their binoviewers.
  2. Hi all, Thanks for all the advice, I think I will reach out to Denis to see if he still does repairs and recollimation, there was a post on CN that said he might have stopped because he got some complaints. Thanks again Neil
  3. Hi All, I was wondering if anyone knows of anywhere that can repair and re-collimate binoviewers? Last night was a disaster, I dropped my Baader Mark Vs to the ground. At first I though I had got off lucky as there was only a scratch on them but when I re-seated them the images will no longer merge. I am too scared to try and work on them myself and was wondering if anyone knew of anyone who can collimate binoviewers. Thx Neil
  4. Mmm 200 APM / LZOS, now that is a serious dream scope.
  5. The 152 is on the APM AZmaxload, the 115 is on the Rowan AZ100 with the glasses carrying tray lol.
  6. It is actually just the Losmandy tripod there, the mount is an APM AZmaxload, setup with the solar filter there. I used to put it on a G11 but recently been using a CGX-L which is more stable than the G11
  7. Lots of lovely scopes in this thread, these are my current Fracs. TMB 152 yard cannon, TMB115 and my grab and go Tak FC100DF
  8. Nice, I am biased but I do think they are some of the best looking scopes around. I have a 152 as well as the 115, only downside to them is the weight.
  9. Hi it is one of the original TMB 115 CNC classics.
  10. I have been a forum lurker for a while and thought I would make my first post here. I echo everything everyone says about this mount, it just exudes quality. I have a number of alt/az mounts and this is head and shoulders above them all. It may not have the absolute capacity of the APM az/maxload but I am not sure it is that far behind and the presence of the slo/mo controls make it so much nicer for me to use. The attention to detail is fantastic, I love that you can screw the counterweight bar into the 2nd saddle. It is the little things that make this mount a joy to use. The nexus
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