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  1. As I got an electrical focuser - how do I mark this as "completed"? Mods/ Admins?
  2. Oh - thank you! I might take that, but I just got the electrical focuser, and it works really well (given it's only 45 pounds, absolutely great)...
  3. Thanks! Yes, have seen that, but he only wants to hand it over in person - more fuel than the difference in price to a new one...
  4. Wow - this is exactly what I was looking for!
  5. Thanks for this. I'll probably get a 4mm. I have the scope for 2 years now. I agree - it is nice, once - I manage to focus it - the helical focuser is just atrocious, I am getting the Moonlite now - after getting clear view - the green glass of the blocking filter becomes cloudy when exposed to humid air, really annoying. Now storing the scope with Silicagel, but apparently the filter has to be replaced from time to time. I am using the Lunt when the sun just lurks out - p and running in less than 5 min - and my Quark if I have the time. Best Thomas
  6. Yes, but the focal length of the LS60 is 500mm, while the LS50 is only 350....
  7. Hi, I love my Lunt 50mm scope, but it has a very short focal length - even with a 6mm eyepiece you see the whole disk. Any thoughts on a reasonable short eyepiece? The 52° ES 3mm looks reasonably priced. Will I get any benefit from a larger viewing angle given the 6mm blocking filter? Best Thomas
  8. This may be a really stupid question, but: How do I find out which focuser fits my telescope (a Skywatcher 102 Startravel)? There is an upgrade from Skywatcher with 1:10 drive, but can I also use others? How do I know which one is the right size - I presume telescope tubes have different diameters? Best Thomas
  9. Hi, I am looking for the dual speed focuser for the Skywatcher refractors. Best Thomas
  10. Thanks for all your inputs! Well, I understand the time for heating up - but that's a topic even for professional etalons. I think I could live with that. Looks like I need to think about this a bit... Best Thomas
  11. It's probably on par with Singapore... where the Sun&Sand has big floodlights into the sky just because it looks nice. For "safety reasons" there is not a single dark spot in any park. Even from the observatory a bit outside the city you see next to nothing, among other things because they are not able to switch off the floodlight from the building next door lighting up the entire site at night. It's just a country completely and utterly inconsiderate of light pollution.
  12. Hi, I currently have a Lunt 50THa and I am looking for something showing more detail and contrast on the sun's surface. I have been considering the new Meade SolarMax III 70 Double Stack, the Lunt 60 with DS (fairly expensive in comparison) and now stumbled across the Daystar Chromosphere. My key considerations: - I love that I can just take out the Lunt at lunch time, put it on a photographic tripod, and I am up and running in about 5min. - When travelling, it would be easier to have one telescope to take with me for day and night use - Cost is certainly an aspect - I do not want to spend more than about 3000 pounds. May I get your input on a couple of assumptions I am making (and which may be completely wrong - sorry, I am not a telescope expert, I just love using them...) - The only purpose of double stacking is to get a narrower bandwidth using (cheaper) filters with a wider bandwidth - by using two 0.7nm filters tuned to slightly different bandwidth the Lunt and the Coronado achieve 0.5nm effective transmission. - A Daystar Chromosphere with a transmission of <= 0.5nm will hence show me the same detail as a Lunt or Coronado Double Stack with a single Etalon - A refractor up to 80mm does not require an additional ERF - A relatively cheap achromat will do - as I am only observing at a single wavelength, the correction for multiple wavelengths really does not make a difference (at least for H alpha) So on that background I guess an 80mm refractor with the DayStar will give me a really good solution am I right? Best Thomas
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