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  1. Having now wiped the drool from my keyboard I hear Topol singing that song from Fiddler on the Roof ...... I am guessing from the rings that that is the FC76 mounted. I would love one of these but sadly my astro account is empty! Good luck with the sale Nicos. Andrew.
  2. surfindogg

    Stu's Big Sale - updated

    Hi Stu, I already have a standard one so I will pass on this one. I have been thinking about the amici one for day and night use. All the best, Andrew.
  3. surfindogg

    Stu's Big Sale - updated

    Hi Stu, is the Zeiss prism the amici one?
  4. surfindogg

    SOLD Takahashi MEF-3

    PM also sent.
  5. surfindogg

    FS128 set up and ready for Jupiter

    Managed about an hour or so on Jupiter last night. Out with the Takquisition in FC76 mode. I needed to fiddle with extension tubes to get eyepieces to reach focus - 1 inch focuser travel sheesh! At least once sorted they all focus with the same arrangement. Saw the GRS on the limb at one point - salmon/orange colour. 3 - 4 bands starting to see more details the more used to looking for it I get. Seeing was variable as always. Sometimes I think my eyes are the problem as things go a bit ... er watery? Then suddenly clearer and sharper. I was getting nice views at about 120x with the ES 82º 4.7 Moved to the ES 68º 24 and scanned around enjoying non-specific stargazing. Very relaxing. Must sort out a chair!
  6. surfindogg

    Now SOLD - Tele Optic Giro Mini -SOLD

    All sold. Thanks Derek and John.
  7. surfindogg

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    I love the smell of vintage glass in the evening!
  8. surfindogg

    BNU5 Russian Binoculars

    My Dad had a pair when we were kids. They were great. I didn't realise how good they were until I got to look through a pair of Zeiss bins. Sadly got dropped many times and went the way of all things! I still have one of the objectives on my desk that I use as a magnifying glass. Really worth a fiver!
  9. surfindogg

    Now SOLD - Tele Optic Giro Mini -SOLD

    Yippee. Thanks Derek. Pm in coming.
  10. surfindogg

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    We all like a bargain. I like the shape of it.
  11. surfindogg

    Now SOLD - Tele Optic Giro Mini -SOLD

    Giro, smaller weight and smaller counterweight bar now sold. Thanks John.
  12. surfindogg

    Now SOLD - Tele Optic Giro Mini -SOLD

    And replied. :-)
  13. surfindogg

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    That's what I was thinking. My left eye sees more colour and my right eye is a bit sharper. I can't afford to go the bino route yet though!
  14. surfindogg

    Now SOLD - Tele Optic Giro Mini -SOLD

    Although I would prefer to sell as a lot, I am prepared to split if that helps people. Derek [DRT] has dibs on the 1.6Kg weight and long 15cm bar.
  15. surfindogg

    Show me your eyepiece cases

    I just wish I had matched eyes!

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