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  1. Baader Neodymium Moon & Skyglow filter 1.25" This is one of the original ones which I find has a subtle but useful effect for visual. I have just bought the 2" version so this now up for grabs. There are some signs of wear on the housing but the glass is spotless. £35 including UK postage.
  2. How did you clean it? I have never licked either of my Taks!!
  3. Thank you Gary, that is excellent information. I think this is quite typical of this type of mount. I was considering a DM4 but cost put me off. I had talked to a local precision engineering company about prototyping a mount design that had the advantages of the DM design with slo mo controls but it was beyond what I could afford.
  4. That was with the FC76 DCU Jeremy. The FS60 currently sits on a Slik photo tripod and hardly sees the stars at the moment!
  5. With the beefier teflon washers I added now bedded in, it works well. I don't have the specific weights but I can go from an ES 24mm 68º to a UO 7mm ortho without it dropping, That is with the mount tightened up somewhat but I can still move it with one finger.
  6. When you have finished testing it Stu, I am happy for you to send it to me for more testing! I can compare it to the Vamo.
  7. I forgot I started this thread! Good to see FLO thought they were worth supplying and some great reviews/feedback. Now we just need Serge to make encoders for it and I am sold. [My light pollution is getting so bad we are thinking of moving!] My usual question - how sensitive is the Zero to eyepiece changes?
  8. I have Stu's old Vamo which works very nicely but I am tempted by a Zero. Slo mo appeals. I got some thicker teflon washers for the Vamo and now they have worn in, it seems to work even better for me.
  9. SOLD - Matt black 1.25 inch T-2 nosepiece £12 + P&P £4 SOLD
  10. Telescope service TS 2" T2 adapter now SOLD.
  11. Price reduced and TS T-@ 2" nosepiece added.
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