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  1. As per the tlitle. Thank Steve
  2. As per the tlitle. Thank Steve
  3. https://www.astrobuysell.com/uk/propview.php?view=154418
  4. Welcome, I'm pretty sure there was an8 inch mirror on astrobuyandsell. Steve
  5. Dont forget that whatever finder you use it needs to be aligned with your scope. I use a 6x30 RACI on my mak and wouldn't be without it. I just look along the finder to point to the right region then look through the finder and the target is there. Steve
  6. I've been in the hobby fully for just over a year now and started with an AZGTI and 127 mak. I don't have a great sky view from my garden so alignment stars were always a bit of an issue. I didn't really get on with the phone app so bought the synscan handset. To cut to the chase I've sold all the gizmos bought a solid manual altaz mount and paired the mak with a 150 reflector. I've used this combo extensively now and really enjoy the simplicity of it. Steve
  7. Hi, I live in Falmouth. Cornwall astro society meet in Degibna church (road behind cottage hospital) 2nd Tuesday of the month. Im a member but haven't been for a while due to work and weather www.cornwallas.org.uk Steve
  8. There is a free phone app synscaninit. It gives you the required data in the correct format to enter into the handset. Steve
  9. Had the same with my new 150PDS. I just taped a lense brush to a long stick and it moved easily.
  10. Anybody know where I could get tube rings for a SW 127 Mak. Thanks Steve
  11. SW 6x30 straight through finder and stalk (came bundled with my 150 PDS) never used. Asking £20 shipped in the UK. Steve
  12. OK, Since buying a Skytee2 mount I'm totally converted to the manual AZ method of observing so I have decided to part with my electronic stuff. AZGTI, Tripod and extension. The AZGTI Head has the ADM saddle upgrade. NOW SOLD New Synscan V4 handset New £149.99 asking £100 shipped in the UK. Lynx Premium AZ cable £29.99 New asking £20 shipped in the UK. Lynx RS232 cable with USB adapter (facilitates updates to the handset and use of the mount in PC direct mode) £10 All of the above for £110 shipped. ALL NOW SOLD Finally I have a Thanks for looking Steve
  13. Hi Chris, ive sent you a private message. Steve
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