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  1. I think you're right. Scopes can be tested and a report given. I have a quark and I love the view. However, I have no experience to qualify what I'm seeing. I see proms and spiculae with ease but not a massive amount of surface detail as yet. I missed the sunspots the other day due to work. I do see a bit of granulation on the surface with patches of different intensity. I do need more practice at observation to see more I know that and I need to try stopping down the ed80 to reduce surface brightness. All that said I'm persevering and enjoying what I'm seeing so far.
  2. Sounds about right John. Just looked at my intended options and coming in at just under £2300. Some heavy duty saving to be done.
  3. Thank you very much for the information Derek. Sounds very exciting. Steve
  4. Hi Derek, Sounds like what I have been dreaming about. Any timescales on the motors/ Steve
  5. Guess this question is aimed @Dec Rowan Astro. I've read on other sites that development is underway on a motorised version of the AZ 100. Would this be full goto (wouldn't be my preferred option) Or retain the push to and then track the target. Thanks Steve
  6. Thanks guys ordered from Amazon. Also ordered the aero shell 33grease from flight store for a skytee strip down. Steve Ps apologies for the thread drift
  7. Don't suppose you know which fits the SW extension pillar? Cheers Steve
  8. Any chance of a link to the extension pilar thumbscrews please. Cheers Steve
  9. https://www.iwantoneofthose.com/clothing/command-and-service-module-schematic-men-s-t-shirt-royal-blue/12199122.html?autocomplete=productsuggestion Mine just arrived very nice TShirt. Steve
  10. Ok thank you. I'll put my wallet away Steve
  11. John, was this experience with solar Ha. I'm using a quark? Steve
  12. Try removing the Az clutch lever retaining screw then slacken off the bolt slightly. It could be the clutch is binding. I had to do the opposite as mine rotated with the levers tight. Steve
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