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  1. The Az5 is 3/8 thread. It's a good mount with slomo controls.
  2. Buy the Az5 head and extension only. Then add the steel tripod. The aluminium tripod is awful. You only need an adapter if you the Eq5 tripod. Just buy the 3/8 version.
  3. Telrad and RACI, for me. Dew control do a great dew heater for the telrad. https://www.dewcontrol.com/index.aspx?pageid=3099126&chainID=317172&txtQuickSearch=Telrad+
  4. I have the Hyperflex zoom and for the price it's very good. Only requires slight refocus between the range. I wear glasses but don't use them at the ep.
  5. I fitted the handle. It was off an old photo tripod. Never got it secured that well.
  6. How you getting on with the M2 Magnus? Regards Steve
  7. Found Looking for ed80 tube rings. Just need 1 but would take a pair. Cheers Steve
  8. I used the foil coated bubble wrap type stuff from screw fix. I also installed a green house tube heater. Very cheap to run. I have a louvre vent on a wall and a couple of small round soffit vents on the floor. I've made moisture guards for both refractors from 35mm film canisters filled with silica pouches that fit into the focuser. Steve
  9. Got nearly all my starguiders from skys the limit on ebay. No problem whatsoever.
  10. FOUNDLooking for some SW or orion tube rings from an ED 120 116mm ID Thanks Steve
  11. John, what screws did you use to attach the acetal plate to the phone holder? Cheers Steve
  12. Think this will be temporary. I've got some acetal plate so will fashion something to hold the telrad as well, as that's where it normally sits. I'll also plonk the wixey on the plate as well. So: Telrad, starsense and wixey all together in a row. Should be able to find stuff then.
  13. Finally had an hour or so to fit the starsense to my skytee. Weather been rubbish all week and no signs of it getting any better. Just a bit of clear perspex and a Geoptik camera adapter.
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