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  1. Steve Clay

    Complementing my 127 Mak.

    Thanks for all of the advice. I've gone and purchased a pair of Opticron 11x70 binoculars. They are quite manageable hand held but obviously are better on the tripod. I really like the view's that I have had so far. The Plaiedies look great as does the Orion nebula. Cheers Steve
  2. I have the same setup. I've purchased the following: 32 mm. Good wide view for locating object. 25mm that came with the scope is not too bad. 12 & 8 mm BST starguiders from ebay. I find that this combination works really well with the 127 Mak. Steve
  3. Stellarium on PC or Mac (free) and very good. SkySafari on tablet. Light version is free. I bought the + version to have scope control, it's very stable on android tablet and phone.
  4. Steve Clay

    8mm Starguider

    Hi, looking for a good used 8mm bst starguider. Thanks Steve
  5. Steve Clay

    Best all-round eyepiece

    Totally agree. I went for seperate dew shield and heater band with built in controller from RVO.
  6. Steve Clay

    Best all-round eyepiece

    Hi Mike, I am relatively new to this too. I have the 127 mak on the azgti mount and have found it to quite solid with the tripod not extended and viewing with a garden chair. My biggest challenge has been getting objects into the FOV for alignment. Having set up the RDF I still found them to be outside the fov of the 25mm. I've pretty much solved tis now with the skywatcher 32mm which cost £33. I have also brought a used BST starguider 12 mm from here which is really good in the mak too and shows great views of the moon and recently the Orion nebula. Also I've just started playing with sky safari plus on a cheap Huawei tablet and have had some good results. I've not found any issues with cooldown either, I simply place the ota outside in a padded gag about 30 ish mins before setting up the mount etc. I've also brought a 2x barlow . Steve
  7. Steve Clay

    AZGTI/alignment/SkySafari 6 plus

    Thanks for the replys
  8. Hi, Have installed SkySafari 6 plus on my Huawei 8 inch tablet along with the SW synscan app. After loads of googling I can connect and control the scope. Not had a chance to use it in earnest yet, but my questions are: Should I do an alignment using the synscan app of just use the align function in sky safari. If the latter to I need to start north and level and drive the scope to the alignment star or can I just release the clutch and manually place the star in the fov then select align. Then driving the scope to the 2nd/ 3rd star? Second question regarding tracking with sky safari. Is the lock function the tracking? Cheers Steve
  9. Hi, I love my Mak on the azgti and think that we will be friends for a long time. Even my wife has been in awe at the view's of the moon. I think that I need to complement it with something wide field. I'm thinking either a pair of 20x80 bins on a tripod or an ST 80 frac. This will allow me to to explore while my wife looks at the moon and swap over etc. Thoughts Cheers Steve
  10. Hi is this still for sale? Thanks Steve
  11. Worked a treat Thanks for the info Brian.
  12. Brilliant will give it a go later. Thank you very much. Steve
  13. Hi, Is it possible to update the AZGTI firmware with a Mac as the files look like Windows only .exe Surely they should accommodate Mac users.
  14. Steve Clay

    COMPLETED - Revelation astro 32mm plossl

    If sale dosent happen give me a shout. Cheers

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