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  1. RVO have the 2 inch CG5 tripod. https://www.rothervalleyoptics.co.uk/celestron-heavy-duty-2-cg-5-stainless-steel-tripod.html
  2. Thanks for the replys. I guess it's doing what it's designed to do. Steve
  3. Last night I used a UHC filter for the first time in my ED 80. Whilst it gave a slight improvement on the Orion nebula and Andromeda it gave a funny red and green colour to the brighter stars. This was not evident with the filter removed. Is this normal or do I have a rubbish UHC filter. Cheers Steve
  4. How do I get my avatar to appear on.posts? Steve
  5. Astroboot nearly always have them. Steve
  6. I keep mounts in the utility room and scopes and other kit in spare bedroom.
  7. Fantastic. Lands just like rockets did on fireball xl5 and thunderbirds.
  8. possibly. you could change the settings to zero and see what happens. Also are your clutches nice and tight. I don't have this mount but found balance and clutch tightness important with the AZGTI, where the alt was always slipping. Steve
  9. Have you checked to see if your mount has the latest firmware for the motor controllers? Have you tried altering the backlash settings in the handset. Steve
  10. Looking for a Baader solar continuum Filter 1.25" Thanks Steve
  11. Brilliant, I picked up an ED80 from ABS with all the accessories. That was an an absolute bargain too. With the exception of my camera I've bought everything from here or ABS and it's all been great. Steve
  12. If not sold as a job lot can I register my interest in the baader UHC nebula filter please. Cheers Steve
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