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  1. Hi all, Long story short, I hope I've reduced the communication problems I'm having with my CPC, when connecting remotely, to a faulty control board. I was seriously considering dumping the scope (minus the optical tube), but I've invested so much on it (wedge, counterweights, replacement of a faulty motor, starsense, skyportal WiFi dongle, DIY ethernet dongle) that I have decided to keep pushing and try to replace its control board (#NXW431). So, if you happen to have one in good working condition and are willing to send it abroad (I happen to live in Tenerife), please do let me know.
  2. Hi all, Today I tried my new acquisition: an optolong IR685 pass filter with The Moon at daytime and I was rather happy with the results: Here the processed image: I was considering going for the terminator, but got distracted by Clavius crater... Here you have another one, this time aiming for Anaxagoras crater (maybe I overdid it with the wavelets in Registax): Here you have how the filter looks like when it gets light through: This makes me think if combining this filter with an IR/UV cut you could get a sort of H-alpha filter (albeit slightl
  3. Hi all, After doing some reading on thermal acclimation issues that happen on closed tubes such as MCTs and SCTs, I decided to wrap my Mak 180 (which I intend to use in El Teide National Park during planetary season, if COVID-19 restrictions allow) with 5mm aluminum/polyethylene layer, despite the fact that I'm not particularly good at doing this kind of stuff. Here you have the results: Important notice: do not try to remove the dovetail from the Sky-Watcher maks, the screws have locknuts on the inside. I didn't think about looking for them beforehand and finished
  4. Hi @M40, could you please take a picture of this DIY setup?. Best regards, NV
  5. I will look into the extension tube @M40, but first I need to wait for a new tripod to arrive for my HEQ5, which I ordered so as to have the North pointing puck on a leg, instead of in between legs (the space I converted into an obsy in my house, which was the only available place I had, is really small and ill-oriented). Actually, another benefit of the new tripod is that, in the pictures, it seems more solid than the one I already have (my HEQ5 is a GOTO-updated old black ones), which I hope will save me from having to get an beefier mount in order to do planetary imaging. To be honest, the
  6. Hi all, I'm the proud owner of a (recently purchased) Sky-Watcher Skymax 180 PRO and, to be honest, although I've solved the issue of its transportation by using a proper bag I'm struggling to safely hold it when placing it in my mount (an HEQ5). I've looked in the Internet for commercial solutions to this issue but, since the OTA does not seem to have mounting holes to place a proper dovetail bar on the top side, the only possible way available seems to be using tube rings of some kind but, so far, I haven't been able to find ones that fit such OTA (Sky-Watcher publicizes a 182 mm tube r
  7. Hi all, Despite a rather severe calima (saharan haze) last night I had quite good views of The Moon, with Mare Humorum and Gassendi crater looking amazing: The gear: Celestron CPC 800 GPS XLT Risingcam GPCMOS02000KMA The software: ToupSky (about 1000 frames) Autostakkert (20% best) RegiStax (maybe too much tweak with wavelets?) The Gimp Thanks for looking, NV
  8. Hi all, This morning at 5 am I woke up restless and decided to jump off my bed and take a look at The Moon. Despite the not so good seeing (about 1.5") I had a nice session. Here you have an image of Rima Hyginus (a crack which is 220 km long and 4 km wide in average, you can almost see a set of volcanic calderas lining up on the left arm): The gear: Celestron CPC 800 GPS XLT Risingcam GPCMOS02000KMA The software: ToupSky Autostakkert RegiStax The Gimp Thanks for looking, NV
  9. Hi all, I chose a bad day to start playing with my f/6.3 SCT reducer/corrector. Too much Moon... Well, since I had everything ready, I gave The Moon a try. Here you have a picture of Mare Crisium: The gear: Celestron CPC 800 GPS XLT Celestron f/6.3 reducer/corrector ZWO EFW with ZWO RGB filters Risingcam GPCMOS02000KMA The software: ToupSky Autostakkert RegiStax The Gimp Thanks for looking, NV
  10. Hi @wxsatuser, these power sources that you are using are rated 13.8 VDC, if I am not mistaken. Isn't it dangerous to use your astrogear above 12 VDC or is there something I am missing here (that you can regulate these power sources down to 12 VDC)?. Best regards, NV
  11. Thanks a million to you all for your inputs! (special kudos go to @Carbon Brush for such a detailed explanation). I've been looking for a water-tight electric board since I made my little observatory, but they don't seem appropriate for heat dissipation (from the power source and the mini-computer) and it makes no sense to install one and then have it open when observing, I think. If I see clouds rolling in, I'll simply close the lid of the obsy. I also have been looking into the DC power distribution box idea and, to be honest, having just two cables (power and data) to the mount does ma
  12. Hi all, In my little observatory right now I'm using three different power sources, one for the telescope, one for the 12V mini-computer and another one for the 12V USB-hub (and sometimes even another one for the dew shield). I was wondering if it won't be simpler to have just one power supply to "rule" them all (please, allow me a little LOTR joke here) such as these ones: Both of them are switching power supplies. The one above is the Lrs-200 series 200W, with 17A and 204W rated power (and three DC outputs). The one below is the Lrs-350 series 350W, with 29A and 348W rated po
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