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  1. Truthful but probably not what you were expecting . Thanks for watching, NV
  2. Excellent job @lukebl! A pretty envious NV
  3. Hi All, Here you have my latest attempt at capturing Venus' elusive clouds without purchasing a proper UV filter: It looks like I'm getting there by using my colour camera (which carries a Sony IMX224 sensor) and a wratten #47 filter. Maybe if I could go up the mountain and get rid of so much atmosphere... I decided to try this combination after making some numbers: Here you have the passband of the involved filters Here the stacked filters (#47 + UV/IR) versus the camera's "relative response" The gear: Celestron CPC 800 GPS XLT GSO 1.25" 2.5x Apochromatic Barlow Lens Wratten #47 filter Risingcam GPCMOS01200KPC The software: ToupSky (17'466 frames, 9.8 gain and 2.5 ms) Autostakkert (15%, drizzle 1.5) RegiStax Fitswork The Gimp Thanks for watching, NV PS: The data I couln't measure myself, I've got from here
  4. Excellent images and very informative coments you've given with them, Avani NV
  5. Astounding images, as usual Craig. NV
  6. Yay... That is pretty much what I tried to do but totally failed. How did you get an IR cut filter for stacking with the #47?. All the IR cut I found were actually UV-IR cut mislabeled... Best regards, NV
  7. I'll be looking forward to your results!. Best regards, NV
  8. Thats great. I also use an altaz mount and am always concern about taking more than 2 or 3 minute movies of Venus due to field rotation. I hope the weather improves soon so I can try with sharpcap (focus and ROI) as you did (but with my IMX224 colour camera). Thanks for the info, NV
  9. Amazing picture with "only" 127mm. These maks are incredible. Were you using the AZGTI in standard or with the eq mod? NV
  10. Hi All, This morning I took this image of the amazing view of Mars, Saturn and Jupiter I took 30 images of 4 seconds each at f/2.5 and ISO 800, leaving 8 seconds in between. Maybe too redish?... The gear: Canon 600D astromodified Canon 50mm f/1.8 lens Shoot RS-60E3 intervalometer Stitz Video CV250DXQ tripod Ulanzi U-10 mini ball head The software: RawTherapee Sequator Fitswork The Gimp Regards and thanks for looking, NV
  11. Hi All, I've been struggling to get a picture of Venus' elusive clouds without purchasing a dedicated filter with no luck whatsoever so far. I must be doing something wrong or, maybe, my approach to this was doomed from the start. I don't know... Ah well, here you have my latest attemp from yesterday: By looking at these pictures, I believe that my failure could also have to do with my not getting a signal to noise ratio good enough. You see, I am using an altazimuth mount and I have been afraid to take videos longer than 2 or 3 minutes due to field rotation issues, am I foolish for doing so?. The gear: Celestron CPC 800 GPS XLT GSO 1.25" 2.5x Apochromatic Barlow Lens ZWO IR580 filter Wratten #47 filter ZWB1 + wratten #47 filter Risingcam GPCMOSS02000KMA (IMX290 mono camera) The software: ToupSky No filter: 1 ms & 2,04 gain IR580: 16 ms & 16,57 gain #47: 5,5 ms & 2,45 gain ZWB1+#47: 50 ms & 22,59 gain Autostakkert (20%) RegiStax Fitswork The Gimp Best regards and thanks for watching, NV
  12. Hi All, Yesterday I installed the latest version of CPWI (Celestron's telescope control software) and, from the many improvements they added, the one I liked the most was that now you can use an xbox gamepad for both, moving the scope and the focuser. Excellet job!, NV
  13. Hi all, Yestarday I tried again to take pictures of Venus with my ZWB1 stacked with a #47 but the seeing was simply awful. Since it was clear that noting good was going to come out of it, I decided to place ZWO's IR580 instead: The gear: Celestron CPC 800 GPS XLT ZWO IR580 filter GSO 1.25" 2.5x Apochromatic Barlow Lens Risingcam GPCMOSS02000KMA (IMX290 mono camera) The software: ToupSky (I made three minute movies with 13,53 gain and 18 ms) Autostakkert (30%) RegiStax Fitswork The Gimp Regards and thanks for watching, NV
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