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  1. It looked gorgeous through the 8x40 bins just now, I grabbed a quick snap as well.
  2. Pipp can do channels as part of alignment.
  3. I popped my head out the door at 8pm and it was lovely so I setup the Skymax which had already been out cooling. 2 minutes later, clouds. During the next hour and a half I got precisely 1 usable image. I had a nice catch up with the neighbour though, and had a fascinating conversation with a nutter which was enlightening. The gist of said conversation was The science they teach you in school is wrong. According to the school science the Moon and Sun should be opposite each other in the sky. I saw them both in the sky together earlier today, plus we shouldn't be able to see
  4. Another winner from you there Wouter. Absolutely terrific.
  5. Outstanding image, well done
  6. It’s Elon’s Iridium enthusiast appeasement scheme.
  7. Funnily enough Steve, I did a similar thing on our neighbourhood Facebook Group and there has been quite a good response. Lots of questions answered. It's nice to help others take their mind off the crisis.
  8. Evening all. We're not self isolating, so far all fit and well. Unfortunately/fortunately (depending on how I'm feeling on the day) we're both still having to go to work (all possible precautions being taken) but obviously when I'm not at work I'll be at home 100% of the time so I do have a lot more spare time now. Like many here, I have a number of projects 'on the go', which I plan to put more time into for the foreseeable future. One of them is the perfect, comprehensive, all encompassing stellar atlas. There are so many available, each with their advantages and disadvantage
  9. This evening's effort. A little cloud for atmosphere, and a few stars as well.
  10. That, and it's just quite simply one of the most lovely things you can see with the naked eye. It's bloody beautiful
  11. I got home from work and the Moon looked just spectacular. I didn't have long to play as the Present Mrs Foster wanted to serve dinner but our neighbour would have set by the time we'd finished eating, I grabbed the Tamron and the Sigma and grabbed a few snaps handheld. Here are the results. Crescent Earthshine Conjunction
  12. Stunners Roger, Luna did look stunning this evening hanging under Venus
  13. I Saw it on the way home from work at 8pm (key worker so not breaking the rules, not that anyone here would jump to conclusions anyway ) and smiled a lot. It's been a few months since I've caught a thin crescent so thanks for sharing Michael
  14. Single shot with the Tamron, not handheld this time.
  15. Shot with the Tamron again, a bit hazy this evening but still managed to capture a reasonable single frame.
  16. It's been a while (again) but it was a lovely clear evening and I have a super-zoom lens to play with Single shot, with the Tamron 150-600 at 600mm. F11, ISO 100, 1/160s, handheld with IS turned on. Not bad.
  17. Lovely image with really good colour, well done
  18. Very nice, I don't think I have much by way of last quarter images either. Thanks for reminding me
  19. Outstanding image, Schroter's Valley is very sharp.
  20. Thanks Steve, there's so much detail. I studied so much more than my meagre notes attest, but I've always struggled to tear my eye away from the eyepiece long enough to take notes!
  21. Outstanding report Danny, first of many I hope Pythagoras did give spectacular views last night.
  22. Yes, the 102 has an extra stop doesn't it, 12.7 to the 127's 11.8.
  23. By the look of your report, I think it already has!
  24. Thanks Alan, I don't know about beating the 127 but the 102 does certainly punch above it's weight!
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