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  1. I’ve just come in from walking the hound and that’s a very similar view to the one we enjoyed as the moon rose, nice shot.
  2. I had my first evening observing in a long while last night and it was an (almost) full moon. If you can't beat 'em join em though, and those who know me know I love the Moon. Luna (the dog) was intrigued by it all! Anyway, I did a bit of imaging too. This image was captured with the Nikon. 500 of 3000 video frames aligned in Pipp, stacked in AS!3, then IMPG & Photoshop to finish. I did capture stills for the big detailed shot as well but didn't notice the focus was off, rather annoying, but that's what happens when you have to take a hiatus! The big one is worth clicking through to full size, maybe
  3. Nice sharp image, I'd just knock back the green a smidge though.
  4. Nice set of results considering Trevor.
  5. Our routine has been somewhat up in the air for a few months due to work and other stuff and I've got very little astronomy done. Tonight while walking the dog I saw the moon (Luna with Luna for those in the know) looking stunning and decided to have a go at it. The Present Mrs Foster was out and didn't need picking up until 9, we were all set. However, the dog had other ideas and just kept on going, so by the time I got home I had no time to set up a telescope. Instead I shot the Moon at 105mm to see what would come out the other end. This is a massive crop, single shot. I shot 5 and picked the best of them. Very reasonable I think. Processed with DxO.
  6. Very much. You’ve caught lots of sub craters too, very nice.
  7. Nice image Pete. I daren’t look at when my last image of Sol was captured!
  8. Just watched it. Fabulous launch. Shame about the Israeli mission.
  9. It's nice to see them all covered in one piece.
  10. Outstanding images and the animation is absolutely brilliant.
  11. Thanks for the heads up Stu. Clouds here though, that’s a cracking image!
  12. Nice, forgotten what Luna looks like. ? ditto the last comment RE MS ICE.
  13. Nice report Stu, this is why grab and go is a must. I often wonder how much I'm observing rather than remembering! We are pattern recognition machines after all
  14. The middle one for me, first one is too dark and the last one is too contrasty.
  15. There are control modules and displays but they’re not necessary for this flight. I think they’re still spam in a can but they will be able to ‘intervene’ and do some driving if needed.
  16. Great minds think alike Richard, beautiful image.
  17. Deconvolution is my favourite tool for lunar, the only problem I have is knowing when to stop because once you hit the noise limit it's really quite aggressive!
  18. I decided to grab a few quick wide shots in the first 15 minutes after Moonrise while it was nice and atmospheric (literally I suppose) looking!
  19. Fabulous, future Astronomer Royal there I think!
  20. Very moody Rich, It's roughly the same here this evening.
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