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  1. GK IPA works pretty well for de-greasing engines and killing brain cells, other than that I'll leave it alone.......LOL
  2. Water ??? I'm still using I.P.A. to rinse my mirrors, works a treat and evaporates in seconds....available from Maplins and other good electrical suppliers. ( That's isopropyl alcohol for anyone who was wondering ). Ian
  3. True....but you wouldn't spend £50 on a puncture repair kit or £200 on a set of lights, would you ???
  4. Got my notification e-mail from SPA, always a useful Society to be a member of.
  5. You need to take it outside......
  6. I've got a 200p which is another F5 scope and have NO problems with the Hyperions, I've got virtually the full set and the only one I would advise against is the 3.5mm, the 8mm is probably the one I get the most use from. I know a lot of people on here advise against Hyperions and fast scopes and they recommend the Celestron x-cel series. Following this advice I purchased a 5mm x-cel and have regretted it ever since, PERSONALLY I don't think it comes even close to the 5mm Hyperion, but that is only my opinion, everybody's eyes react differently. I wouldn't worry about your purchase until you've had a chance to give it a good workout at a dark site.
  7. I just tell the missus that my wages pay the bills, the overtime pays for my hobbies.....if she doesn't want me to spend on my hobbies I stop doing the overtime....
  8. Been having this argument around here for over 2 years now, no one apparently owns the street lights in my road !!!! The county council say they own the lights down the high street but not in my road, talk to the local council.....local council say they own the lights down the lane and along the road running along the back of the estate, but again not on the estate, talk to parish council......parish council say they have nothing to do with any street lighting, talk to County Council.....AAAAARRRRGGGGHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!!!! So the lights down the main road through the village are dimmed between 0:00 and 5 am and the lights in the lane and back road are switched off during these times but the 3 lights in my road and the Bl***y great super light on the village green next to my house ( which would be perfect if dark ) are left on.
  9. Scopes outside cooling down, but I won't hold my breath.......lol, still got at least 30mins of daylight left for it to cloud over. Every extremity crossed.
  10. And if I remember correctly there's a downloadable light pollution overlay as well, not sure where but I'm sure someone on here knows. Ian.....
  11. Well its pretty obvious that if the Russians had one then the Yanks would have to have one as well. Bet by the time the story hits the press the American one will be bigger, faster, louder and cause more damage than the Russian one did. "Anything they can do, we can do better" syndrome me thinks. Ian...
  12. I use a WELL PEGGED toilet tent for covering my scope at Star parties and for short periods of time at home. Wouldn't want to use it as a long term solution as the pegs will loosen over time due to wet ground and high winds, I've kept mine on for over a week before but that's when the forecast is favourable and high winds aren't expected. Ian
  13. Hey George I can give you the weather forecast for the following week. Clear sunny spells through out the day and then as soon as it starts getting dark, thick unrelenting cloud with outbursts of rain / snow with gale force winds, clearing at day break, or at least that's what I've been getting for the last 12 months.... Ian
  14. They certainly make Polar Aligning easier, other than that I don't use them. Ian
  15. Rother Valley Optics used to sell them, don't know if they still do. Ian
  16. As already said, just follow astrobaby's guide and its a doddle. I also upgraded my EQ-5 to full goto a couple of years back, get it from FLO as their service is A1, very easy to fit as well, only took me around an hour. Ian :smiley:
  17. 2 so far, and now its snowing again and has been most of the afternoon. Ian
  18. Hello and welcome to the friendliest forum around.......Nice images as well. Ian
  19. I just made up an MDF box to store mine indoors ( OTA only ). For outdoors I use a camping toilet tent and just open the door and slide it over, if its going to be out for a while I peg the guy ropes as well, totally weather proof and provided I peg it down correctly it can withstand strong winds as well. Ian
  20. Why not do what a lot of people seem to do and start with the Messier list, then move on to the Caldwell list. That'll give you 200 objects to start with, although a few Caldwell's are southern Hemisphere jobs. You can then go for open clusters and globular clusters and once you've got a little more experience you can start trying to split the doubles. Although if this weather doesn't clear up soon you can join the rest of us frustrated observers. Ian
  21. Just go to either shop to check out how the scope handles and to make sure its really the one you want, then come home and order it from FLO..... Ian
  22. Well a 5mm would give you 200x mag, that's the size I use most for planetery viewing on my 200p ( same size mirror as yours ). I do have a 3.5mm but that only gets used on the very very best of nights when the sky is stable and the seeing is very good. Personnally I use the Baader Hyperion range but I'm told the Celestron X-Cel range are a good range as well, FLO sell both. Why don't you e-mail FLO and get some advice from them, they'll be only to pleased to help you out. Ian :smiley:
  23. IanC11

    Norwich newb

    Hi Ray and welcome. Living in Norwich you aren't very far from the Norwich Astronomical Society, based in Seething, you can always pop in to say hello, I'm sure they would love to see you. I'm not to far away from you, just down the road from Kessingland. www.norwich.astronomicalsociety.org.uk Ian :grin:
  24. What long / lat are you trying to enter ??? and are you entering the N, E, W at the end. Can't remember of the top of my head but I seem to recall that if you west of the meridan then you enter a negative number for the E setting, i.e 2 degrees west would read -2 degrees east, but don't quote me on that.....lol, its been a long time since I've been west of the meridan. Ian
  25. Had thought about doing that but it wouldn't help. Had a couple of guys turn up in a van and they started messing around with the wiring inside one of the lamp posts so I went out and asked who they were working for, they work for a maintainance company and didn't have a clue which council they were carring out the work for !!!! Don't you just love it........On the plus side, I do have someone over at the County Council who's trying to get the information I require, but at the moments she's just running into the same brick walls as I did. Ian
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