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  1. Have you considered CeX (UK) Buy & Sell Games, Phones, DVDs, Blu-ray, Electronics, Computing, Vision & CDs (webuy.com) Have had a couple of cheap cameras from them, you get a warranty.
  2. If you dont have a crimper tool (assuming you have a soldering iron), you could chop, solder and sleeve with heatshrink. I would probably put a layer of self amalgamating tape over it as well.
  3. You could always chop your existing one down (carefully) .
  4. We use UltraVNC at work, no internet required and it allows file transfer.
  5. good point. There is a legacy driver (pre 2010) on the originally linked website. Myles, did you try the win7 64bit one? Startech usb serial with a ftdi chip is £18.21 on amazon. have to say life is way too short to muck about with flaky usb serial adapters. When we need a lot of serial ports at work we use 16 port Digi edgports, over 10 years old and still going strong. We cab have multiples of these stacked up each connected to serial outputs on sensors.
  6. D300 has a mirror lock up function. You would need to be bale to program a mirror lock up pause on your intervalometer.
  7. Try downloading the alternative win7 64bit driver. Unzip it into a folder and then point the driver update dialogue in device manager at the folder. Win7 drivers can often work in Win10. But if your doing anything where your going to depend on the adapter I would highly recommend getting a good brand one, I use a lot of Startech stuff at work, on expensive projects and they havent failed me yet, the projects involve capturing data serial times a second over several months. Startech one will cost you about £18, or can grab another brand and test it for you and send as a late christmas pressie.
  8. What happens when you plug it in? Windows has a lot of drivers built in, check in device manager and see if it appears and is working. If you get stuck I can send you one that definitely works in win10, have a few laying around.
  9. You can get the EOS utility from the Canon HK website, its the full version not an update https://hk.canon/en/support/0200584002/1
  10. Just a quick thanks for making this video. Its inspired me and a friend from work, just had a text that he's picked up a SW 200p dob.
  11. Hi mate, and hello from another bit of Kent. I am over towards Tonbridge.
  12. If you have an android phone look for an app called synscanit (there is probably an apple version alternative), it will take you through setting the synscan controller up and give you the coordinates in the right format.
  13. You should be able to pickup a used HEQ5 for £500
  14. I can lend you some TP link ones if you want to try them. Have run them for a couple of years then shifted to BT mesh when I had FTTP installed.
  15. Get your license here https://softwaregeeks.co.uk/product/windows-10-pro/ I have been using them for several years without any problems. This guide walks you through the install https://softwaregeeks.co.uk/wp-content/uploads/woocommerce_uploads/2015/09/Windows-10-PRO-Instructions.pdf
  16. For info. I use Startech, and ended up taking one of their hubs in to work so that I can reliably run some equipment. Its been working flawlessly 24/7 for 3 months with a load of test kit connected. The project is worth around £1million a month if we hit a delay, that's how much I trust the kit.
  17. If it was me I would use a remote battery holder and solder it in with an inline switch. But postage and bits would probably be more than a new one..
  18. Hello from Kent. Heading to Happisburgh for a week next month, if the weather looks good will take some kit.
  19. Why not just go for planning permission? Try and get exactly what you want instead of trying to stay within permitted development regs. You might be able to get help pre-application to smoot the way, some places its free other areas you have to pay for it.
  20. Just a heads up, the local and very poor online news group did mention the main car park as being a favoured haunt of doggers. Then again they do tend to list just about every country car park in the article. They only time I encountered any unwanted attention, I was setup in a car park with a red light on my head, took me a while to get why so many driver frequented the place, and after enquiring what the person with the red light was up to they drove off.
  21. Will keep an eye on this thread, I am pretty local but haven't been to Toys Hill. Only useful local knowledge I have is the Weterham Brewery are open weekends with a bar and quiet often food available
  22. In your situation I would move over to an SSD, fresh install of windows and your important software on it, then use another HD for file storage. 1Tb SSD are just going <£100 now, there have been a couple as low as £80. Then use the windows resource monitor to see where your bottlenecks are, another cheapish upgrade would be more RAM, but check if you have any spare slots before buying. On the reliability front I wouldn't be that worried, I work on industrial kit and we have PCs running 24/7/365, some for 10 years. Maybe get a good quality power supply and fit that? The only stuff I have had die have been overclocked components and PSUs. I do incremental upgrades on my PC, so my CPU has been in for 4 years, MOBO 6ish, case and PSU are pretty old, GPU 2 years, RAM has been upped when its been on offer. For the first time in 18 years I am buying a mostly pre built system, although will be sorting the OS install out, along with 2nd HD.
  23. There are a few star adventurer bits on thingiverse, a right angle adapter would be handy so will print this when I get a chance https://www.thingiverse.com/thing:2762334
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