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  1. hi ladies and gentlemen, i have a few silly questions to ask. i have a nexstar 127 slt on original fork mount. im wondering what would be the biggest OT i could put on the mount without stress on the motor or obstruction. im thinking i might be able to put a 6inch tube that would weigh the same or even better less than the 127 tube? 2nd question: can anybody tell me if the celestron x-cel lx x3 barlow is a good enough barlow for the 127 slt ...(for imaging moon and planets with my zwo) ? or would you recommend using a different balow and if so what would yr choice be? this barlow is a 3 element design and fully MC. THANKS CHAPS
  2. great ill take a look,thankyou. i did well with my last scope ,just a classic SW skyliner dob push to and the zwo... it took much tear and sweat to get a clip of jupiter , but my profile pic proves it can be done with a push to, many people told me it wasnt easy,they was right.now i have my mak in theory it should be alot easier, im after the best possible contrast for jupiter,thats why im upgrading my SD
  3. hi and thanks for your input. im mainly wanting it for planetary imaging coupled with my zwo ,would that help ?
  4. hi john,thankyou for the feedback yes i saw the skywatcher dieletric,i also looked at the WO DURA BRIGHT 1.25" DIELECTRIC DIAGANOL.now im going to ask you which one you would choose out of the two and why.? the WO sd is £92 which is acceptable and i think the SW model is £69
  5. hi gents when we buy new cheap scopes we usually get a cheap 10mm and 25mm eyepieces with it.. i always knew this to be very true. however it never occurred to me that the celestron 127slt diagonal will more than likely be poop to???? what SD can i upgrade to from the original celestron diagonal. or is the SD that i got with the scope decent? im sure theres alot better out there for me to get my hands on . thoughts on this would be much appreciated. steve....
  6. hi everyone, im selling my scope and asi120mc cam, i have a 150 p skywatcher skyliner in brill cond. asi 120 mc with usb lead .used 3 times. 4m plossl,32mm plos. x3 barlow x2 barlow, standard 25mm and 10mm eyepiece. and a collimation tool im selling due to the need of fishing gear as i am off to france in a few days. a complete bargain at £220 for the lot. i have no cardboard box for the scope though collection only in mansfield nottinghamshire. thanks for taking the time to read steve
  7. hi chris,welcome to SGL
  8. hello Bob and welcome to SGL
  9. hello there, and a big welcome to SGL
  10. ive got my scope out ready, just cooling off lol.
  11. great,ill take look at that. everybody has to start somewere, everybody starts off viewing the moon lol
  12. i get the pun lol way over your head lol. im loving the challenge of AP but its also very distressing when i cant get the perfect focus. i think a bahtinov mask is the next purchase for me. i did some visual on the moon last night for the first time using my new ZWO and was amazing. i still have a hell of a lot to learn, but with help from you guys i will get there in the end. what scope do you use if you dont mind me asking additional: ive looked at the moon a few time using my EP/and modded webcam.last night was the first time ive used my zwo on the moon and blew me away.the difference is somewot noticeable
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