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  1. Was actually looking at videos on you tube looks easy enough to do and would only cost £10 - £15 instead of new £35 cable thats to long, as long as the shorter length won't affect it in any way I'll probably look at going down that route.
  2. I know lynx do a 1m one which is still quiet long but sure I heard a while back that they have to be the correct type or you can risk over loading your mount
  3. I'm looking to mount my new mini pc to the side of my HEQ5 mount, can any one recommend a short FTDI EQDIR USB cable that will work? I currently have a 6ft lynx cable from flo but need a short cable to keep my rig up neat shortest they do of that type is 1m. I'm looking for preferably less than 2 ft.
  4. Yeah done some playing around with my dslr, looks like I'll have to shoot jpeg as raw only gives me 5 shots before stalling out, just need to make it easy to keep it aligned so just before it passes I can hit the interverlometer with out having to align it manually
  5. I'm looking to do an iss luna capture. Whats the easiest way to get up and running tracking the moon? I have a heq5 w/ 80ed. ill have to travel an hour to the spot where I can capture it but don't want to be polar aligning setting sky points up etc etc if I can help it, can I get away with aligning to the moon and just using phd2 to track it Long enough to do what I need to do?
  6. Hi Gazers, i live in a Flat and my garden is 70M away, which i use a very long cable to reach. im wanting to get set up more indoors so i do not have to stand in the garden evening when not doing visual observations any would like to know what other people do if they have long runs im currently thinking of doing the following Scope+Utility's into a powered 7 port USB hub, from their connected to a USB to CAT5 cross over , cat5 cable to Power line internet hub extender > other end of extender in the house with cat 5 cable to cat5 to usb into my laptop next to a cosy fire! has anyone done this set up before? does it work? any issues u had? Thx in advance
  7. Hi, I'm looking for an autofocuser that will fit on my 80ED. Thx in advance.
  8. hi looking for a guide scope and mono camera Open to offers
  9. hi can anyone recommend a cheap / decent guide scope camera?
  10. Hi, I'm looking for a decent tracking mount would prefer a HEQ5 or an HEQ6 at the right price.
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