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  1. That looka waaaay better! Good job mate!
  2. Might be a stupid qestion and I don't mean to highjack the thread. But if your scope is short enough and the camera isn't in the riskof hitting the tripod, do you even need to do a meridian flip?
  3. So basically, since I'll be using APT and will not be doing planetary imaging at all it doesn't really matter?
  4. So I've seen a lot of people say that the 600D is better for astrophotography, but as far asI can tell they use virtualyidentical internals. Including the same sensor. Other than the movable LCD screen I cant actually see any difference between the two. Can anyone tell me exactly what makes the 600D better for AP?
  5. For what I understand about flatteners it wouldnt cause a colordistortion like that. It would just elongate the stars. My bet is that something went wrong in processing!
  6. Noticed something weird with the blue in some of the stars. No clue whats going on here! Star masks gone wrong?
  7. I can be! I usually go to a friends farm and thats in a depression surrounded by trees. So I havent had problems with wind so far. Can you elaborate on the rest? So far I've been using the "does this work? Nice." Approach
  8. Hey guys! I could use some advice again. I'm going to start planning for a higher FL telescope for the smaller DSOs out there and I'm looking for advice on what to concider. I only have experience with refractors and newtonians so far and I've got all the(or atleast most of the) equipment needed for imaging with the SW 72ED and the SW 150P. But I'm looking to replace the 150P with something bigger. I'm a Skywatcher guy but hey, a good scope is a good scope. So I'm not set on it. I've been considering the 250PDS/300PDS but I'd like your input on the other options out there! My pricerange is £600-800 including the needed accessories. I'd LIKE to stick with a newt or frac, but if I can get a good scope with all the accessories I need for that price I'm down to switch it up! Cheers, Fred
  9. I haven't gotten my Bhatinov's yet, but isn't the point of those to do test exposures and then look at the defraction spikes so you don't have to use a EP and focus that way? Anyways, you're using a scope 130mm with 650mm focal length and a barlow. Take that into account I'd say your second set of images are pretty good compared to others with similar scopes I've seen!
  10. Works like a charm! Cheers boys! Now I just need to wait for the guidescope and test out with a few different weights! And shoter bolts for the counterweight bracket of course
  11. Hey guys, question for ya! So I've recently purchased aaalooot of stuff and I've been fiddeling with it for a bit but I'm not entirely ready to start imaging yet. So, I havent gotten my EQ6-R yet vut I slapped the 72ED on my EQ3-2 to do some focus test exposures and the like. However, I noticed that it's impossible for me to peoperly balance DEC with the camera attached on the back. Obviously thats going to be even worse when I put a guide scope in the finder shoe. So my question is this; do I need another attachment(counterweight?) In the front of the telescope to properly balance DEC or can i get away with that imbalance? Edit: RA was a breeze to balance by the way.
  12. OY! Psychology is real science!
  13. Oooh! Thats my bad for not reading properly. I blame dysclecszia! In that case I'd say more darks, moonless night and fine tuning of your post processing
  14. If the price is right! But initially I was just looking for something simple to make the focusing on my 150P a bit easier so a sesto senso might be a bit out of my price range right now.
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