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  1. Could what you read previously be about one of the older(or non MPCC versions) ? I'm assuming there's older and other versions since this one is called Multi purpose MK III. That could make sense
  2. I have the Baader one my self and I've not had any issues in testing. I never read anything bad about it before I purchased it and it also has stellar reviews on FLO. Though he Aplanatic one should be better, but that's also reflected in the price. Since you don't already have a CC I'm assuming you're relatively new to imaging(at least with the reflector) and in that case I don't think you'll notice the slighly lesser quality of the baader or the 0.9x compared to the aplanatic. Though I've never compared the three, so I can't say for sure. But here's what I found in my research:
  3. It is greentinted indeed! Corrected here! I wasn't able to draw it down anymore without drawing out a lot of noise in the red or just a hellish blue. But it does look a lot better now!
  4. Edited and updated with a new version. Just some small tweaks after feedback.
  5. Pryce


  6. Here's my result on the heart nebula over 3 sessions with a total integration of 18h 8m Stacking information: Equipment: Sky-Watcher Evostar 72ED EOS 600D Full spectrum mod Optolong L-eNhance EQ6-R Pro Guided (ZWO 60mm guidescope / ASI120MM mini) Stacked in DSS and processed in Photoshop & Topaz Denoise I wasn't exactly sure how to process this, as the images I found on google was all over the place, so I had to go with my gut to get a result I found pleasing. I did get some elongated stars in my corners this time around(for the most part cropped out) and I'm n
  7. I'm working my way around polaris atthe moment! Just finished a session on IC 1805(heart nebula). Then theres the Soul nebula, Elephants trunk, packman and many many more! There are some really cool targets to the north They're also very forgiving to me as a beginner when it comes to processing. But I have a EQ6-R Pro mount, so I don't know how these targets will turn out with the (likely) short exposures you're limited to. But they're worth a shot!
  8. I tried stacking in intersection mode, and that cropped it this far in. Just a quick and dirty edit to see what I had to work with. Well, I guess I'll just store the data from my first location for later. I have 3 more clear nights(hopefully) at the location I'm currently at, so it's not the end of the world! I'll see what I have in 2-3 days! Two sessions and only 55 minutes of data? : o But it looks good though! Especially for less than an hour of data!
  9. DSS did NOT like that. I had to go through all the frames to see if I had a rogue one. Last nights session and the day before are both roughly centered on the heart of the heart. I don't quite understand the tilt that I'm seeing here
  10. Up up and away! May consider other cooled cameras in the same pricerange.
  11. This might sound stupid and I'm pretty sure it would be fine. But I'm imaging from one location tonight and from somewhere else this weekend. So I'm wondering if it's fine to stack this data or if I'll run into any problems?
  12. I use the L-eNhance with my 600D and that works perfectly fine. Even when focusing or framing. I have read that using the L-eXtreme with modified DSLR may have some issues with focus or framing. Though its probably a good filter if you can overcome those issues.
  13. Great! Thanks for your input! Then I'll try to find a material that evenly diffuses the panel and I'll give it a shot!
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