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  1. I went out tonight to try out the DARV method, and this is the result I got : Azimuth adjustements : Altitude adjustment : Result after 10' exposure : As it turns out, I can push to 8-10' exposure before seeing trails, which is better than before (4' max), but still not good enough. The problem I have is that the DARV method demands a 125 second exposure, but I can only push to 30' on my Canon 4000D. I don't know if that's good enough to correct the angle. I do have to say I moved along the DEC axis on the two adjustments, which may be wrong since I think I need to move on the RA for altitude. As for the GoTo alignement, I think I have the good observation site settings, as on initial slew for 2-star alignement to the first star (Cebalrai) it was pretty close. However, for the second star, the handset kept showing me stars in the north western sky, which I cannot really see from my vantage point. I just did 1-star alignement with cebalrai, but despite an "alignement successful" message, it was inaccurate slewing to other targets, so I don't really know what to do here.
  2. I see, I was planning on doing the same once I got it properly aligned. Thanks!
  3. Alright, I understand now. I'll definitely try this method once the skies clear up again. Thank you very much for all the insightful information
  4. I haven't seen anything of the sort, but then again, I don't exactly know what "handset polar align" refers to I'm pretty sure I entered the date correctly, I did spot the fact it was using the american format.
  5. I think I understand, so the same procedure is done for altitude in regards to placing the star in the right hand side of the sensor, and going left and right?
  6. Oh my, I completely missed his post. You're absolutely right, this looks a good solution to my problem. I just don't quite understand the last step with regards to the altitude, do I just take a 5sec exposure, see the trail, and adjust the altitude until I get it right, or do I also move the telescope during the exposure on the RA axis?
  7. I see, thanks for all the information! I'll try drift alignement manually then, and see how it goes. If it goes well, I'll start looking into autoguiding to improve my performance.
  8. SkyWatcher EQM35-PRO with Evostar 72ED, Canon 4000D. Is there a piece of software which would help me drift align with my DSLR? I think I saw somewhere that PHD2 doesn't currently support DSLRs. As for autoguiding, is there a limit to how much the auto guider can correct? Well, it wasn't just inaccurate, it was slewing in the opposite direction almost, and I had the "RA Offset > 45 deg" error. I think I'm slowly getting it right though, last time it slewed near enough to have the "alignement successful" message once I centered it, but it was inaccurate slewing to other targets after this, but that maybe do to the fact that I had only done a 1-star alignement with big adjustements.
  9. Howdy, I've been getting familiar with my astrophotography recently, but I still have one problem remaining : Polar Alignement. The way I'm setup, I only have access to the southern part of the sky. Until now, I've used some methods to do it roughly with a compass, but that is nowhere near accurate enough for AP. The most exposure time I've gotten out of it before having trails is about 4 seconds. I'm now looking into doing drift alignement, and I was wondering, is an autoguiding scope required to do it? Until now all the information I found about it mentioned using a guide camera and PHD2. Another question I had is, since the autoguiding setup corrects for tracking errors, could it compensate for a rough polar alignement, or do you need a good one from the start? Also, I have a slight problem with the Goto handset, as on initial alignement, it slews nowhere near the target, I think it must be the way it calculates Sidereal time. I've tried a bunch of different observation site settings, but I still can't get it right... I would greatly appreciate if anybody can answer my questions
  10. There doesn't seem to be any play, I do note that the gears just don't move at all, and don't produce any noise, it's as if the motor is completely dead
  11. It doesn't seem to track, I left for a while and was still in the same position RA-wise. Inverting the wiring for DEC and RA does nothing. I'll probably end having to return it, but if it can be fixed by just replacing the motor, or if I can somehow make sure it's not the handset (it probably isn't since it doesn't track anyways), that would be nice. Thanks for your input!
  12. New mount indeed. I didn't do any tracking test, I assume it wouldn't seeing as though it doesn't move. I tried manually moving the it along the RA axis, and then parking it to the home position, but again, only DEC slewed. I tested different rates, but it doesn't seem to slew in any of those, as the gears are immobile. I don't see any power LEDs on the mount, I wasn't aware there was one. As for the power supply, I also tested it by plugging it into my car with the supplied cigarette lighter cable, and the same problem occured. At this point I'm wondering whether I can simply replace the faulty motor, or even maybe open it up to see what happens when I try to slew. If the handset is the faulty component here, I don't know how I would go about testing that out. I don't have a lynx cable for EQMod, and I don't have the hardware required to update the handset's firmware.
  13. Hey all, I bought a power supply for the EQM35-PRO GoTo to test out the various functions of the mount, and I cannot get it to slew in the RA. DEC slewing seems fine, but everything I try to make it slew in RA doesn't seem to work. I checked my wiring, and it looks to be correct, at least according to the manual. I'm using a 12V 3A DC power supply, which If I'm not mistaken has a positive tip, you can find it here : https://www.distrelec.ch/en/output-plug-in-switched-mode-power-supply-12v-3a-mean-well-gst36e12-p1j/p/30042793 Any Ideas? Here's a video of the problem in question : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1O82579Uc6lk5Dn5RPX525fhroqe1164j/view?usp=sharing (sorry for the poor quality of the recording)
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