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  1. I am by no means an experienced imager, and my pictures are nowhere near as good as the others, but may as well enter something! This is probably the nicest Whirlpool I have captured so far This was captured early April
  2. I use an Altair Starwave 102 ED-R and I image with a DSLR camera. I use a 0.7x field flattener like this one (not exact model as I couldn't find it): So it connects directly onto the DSLR, and I can screw my 2" filters into an insert just inside the opening. I managed to get hold of a second hand, unbranded 2" filter drawer but I don't know how to connect it into the image train. Both sides of the drawer don't fit into anything, so does anyone know what additional connectors I need? I can add pictures of the filter drawer if needed. I just want to make changing filters eas
  3. Ooooh, I've not heard of this one before. Must check it out!
  4. My go to is usually the 25mm just to find the object, then the 12mm once I have it centered. Then depends what it is as to which I go for next! I started off without the motors, and had already learnt the sky with my first scope, which was a Celestron Astromaster 90 refractor. I've since sold that on now. I didn't invest in a GoTo system till this year, so have done a few years of manually finding objects. Definitely think it's something that was worth doing!
  5. Yeah, even though I've upgraded various other bits for a new rig, I kept this one for some visual astronomy, but haven't had it out in a while. When the weather is a bit nicer, I intend to have the imaging rig going while I have this one nearby for visual too. I have a few of the BST Starguiders now, hoping to get the full collection. Also have the stock pair it came with, a few Celestron Omni eyepieces (32mm & 40mm), some Celestron X Cel-LX eyepieces (18mm & 5mm) and an ED Meade 5mm which I lost the box so cannot remember the model! So have a half decent range for it! Yes,
  6. Thanks. It's a shame how the moon washes out colour. I've always been a fan of hunting carbon and double stars (especially colour contrasting doubles) so it was nice to get out again. Will definitely have another look at S Cephei under a moonless night. The red on that one was lovely!
  7. This is the first observing report I have done here, so hopefully it's ok! So, for quite a while now I have been focusing on astrophotography. With the full moon tonight, I decided instead of setting up the AP rig, I didn't want to waste the clear night so for the first time in ages, I got the 150p on the EQ3-2 out for a visual session. Yeah, it's not the best scope, and I only have the BST starguider eyepieces, so quite a modest setup, but it'll do! I started by going for a red star I heard about not long ago and cannot believe I never heard of it earlier. La Superba in the constell
  8. Damn, that's a shame you're so far from me! I've been looking for flight cases to help organise my gear!
  9. If you are over the way of Mu Cephei, there is also another star in Canes Venatici to look out for that unfortunately I haven't been able to observe yet as I only recently discovered it! La Superba is the name. Can't believe I haven't heard of it before with a name like that! That is supposed to be one of the reddest stars in the sky. R Leporis is also another really good one to look for. Better viewed when at one of it's dimmer phases, as that is when it appears most red, but also makes it more difficult to observe!
  10. Great project. I've been involved in this particular one for about 6 months now
  11. Poor polar alignment makes sense. After the tripod sunk, that would have put it out quite a bit. I'll need to look into setting up dithering in APT. Thanks for the advice!
  12. Thanks @wimvb. Maybe I'll have to wait until the lights are off from the neighbor's and moon has gone away and have another go. Cant get out to any dark sky sites right now as I dont think its allowed with current restrictions. I did get around hrs worth of images, so thought that would be enough..... as for walking noise, is that where the image moves over time? I think that was due to ground conditions. The ground was still soft from earlier rain when I set up so I think one of the tripod legs started to sink before getting frozen in place! That's why I had to get rid of all my 600s im
  13. @vlaiv thanks for the tips on tests to do. I'll have a go at that next time I get everything set up! Didnt realise the filter would have no effect on moonlight. I did make sure I went for a target that was as far as possible from the moon, but unfortunately was near a neighbor's house which had lights on for the first hour of the imaging run. I did choose this filter as from looking around online it seemed to have the best retention of natural colours over other filters to combat LP. The reason i thought it was the camera is it used to pick colour up fine, such as in images i took of
  14. Yeah, I know the moon was bright, that's why I used the L-Pro filter which is supposed to be decent against light pollution. There wasn't any high cloud were I was, the skies were pretty good! I would have agreed were it not the fact I have struggled to get much colour over the last few months. That's why I am wondering if my camera sensor or something is degrading
  15. Not too bothered about a bit of noise right now. I was trying to push it to see if there was any colour there. Sorry, should have made that clear that this wasn't a "finished" thing That is the actual issue here. Not having much colour. I have used this combination of scope and camera for a while. Colour never used to be much of an issue. The last 6 months or so I have noticed colour has been more difficult to extract from the data. Yeah, I'm aware the scope is going to produce halos. Again, it's not something I'm bothered about right now, and isn't the focus of the question.
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